Jagannatha Ashtakam In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu embraces Lord Jagannatha · 3 . Lord Jagannatha. Download complete PDF with Sanskrit click your right mouse. Sri Jagannatha Ashtakam, sung by Swami Sarvagananda, Ramakrishna Mission (from Stavamala CD, Udbodhan).

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You have promised to bestow Your feet upon the fallen and shelterless — O Jagannatha Swami, please be the object of my vision. My only prayer is that Sri Jagannatha-deva, whose splendid glories are always sung by Shiva, be the constant object of my vision. He again said, when I reached the top of Neeladri Hill, I could smell the heavenly scent.

Afterwards the king performed a horse sacrifice. Vidyapati reached Avanti after a month and offered the ever fresh prasadi garland to the Maharaja.

On the next day after taking bath in the sea and again having the “attractive darsan” of Neela Madhava he returned. One day after performing Vishnu puja the King came to his court and requested the enlightened audience to inform him about a sacred place where he can see, with his naked eyes, the Divine Lord Vishnu.

Jagannatha Ashtakam

Sometimes in great happiness Lord Jagannatha makes a loud concert with His flute in the groves on the banks of the Yamuna. Baladev – Subhadra – Jagannatha.

O Lord of the Yadus! Overjoyed by these instructions, King Indradyumna arranged for the building of a beautiful temple. It will be our misfortune if Jaagnnatha becomes known to all people because the intimacy of our relationship would be lost. Sanksrit the centre of the mountain there is a big banyan tree called Kalpa Vriksha or desire tree near a pond named Rohini Kunda. Vedarushies are also praising him in there hymns.

Posted by Prakash Ketkar at 9: Nearing Neelachala the thick mountain, Vidyapati jagannata not find the way to proceed further and so he got down from the chariot and sat under a tree praying for the darsan of Neela Madhav. Jannathashtakam is tried to translate in English as under. Who always reveals His Divine Leelas abiding in the forest of Vrindavana ; the forest which is filled with Sri Divine presence amidst the beauty of Nature2.


The best of demigods and sages worship Him, and the Upanisads sing His glories. When Lord Jagannatha moves along the road on His Rathayatra car, at every step large assemblies of brahmanas loudly chant prayers and sing songs for His pleasure. King Indradyumna was mortified at this turn of events and his heart felt heavily burdened. Please take away my Sins which have spread without any bounds due to working in this Samsara wih the sense of attachment, and bereft of Your LoveO Lord of the Yadavas8.

At the time of Vidyapati’s departure from that place Viswavasu gave him the prasadi garlands being offered by Indra to Neela Madhava Murti, so that Vidyapati might give them to Indradyumna Maharaja. Who on the shore of the great ocean resides in a palace situated on the gold-like crest of Nilachala Hill accompanied by His powerful brother Baladevaji and between Them, His sister Subhadra, and jzgannatha bestows the opportunity to serve Him upon all the demigods — may that Sri Jagannatha-deva be the object of my vision.

Vishvakarma said that it would not be possible for any mortal to carve this wood, but that he himself would do it if the king desired.

After that he will install deities made of wood. It must be a celestial tree jafannatha else some god in the form of a tree. Sometimes he was seen looking at the faces, fully filled with devotion of the Gopies; just like a large black bee sucking honey from the lotus. Ratha Yatra Chariot Procession is a main and auspicious festival which has just started on 23rd June He resides on the Nilachala Hill, and His lotus feet are placed on the heads of Anantadeva. Vidyapati bathed in sanekrit kunda and offered nice prayer to hagannatha holy kunda.

Then a celestial voice said ‘you will see him ‘. Vidyapati revealed the facts to the Maharaja that a man after having the darsan of Neela Madhava with his physical eyes will definitely attain salvation.


The King bowed down again and again on the shore.

Upon hearing this Vishwabasu become worried, thinking Neelamadhav, whose presence has been kept a secret, is the sustainer of our lives. He is like a bumblebee who tastes the beautiful lotus-like faces of the cowherd damsels of Vraja, and His lotus feet are worshiped by great personalities such as Lakshmi, Shiva, Brahma, Indra and Ganesha. His Darsan makes one immediately immortal and he can realise the transcendental reality. Alas, this is certain Lord Jagannatha bestows His lotus feet upon those who feel themselves fallen and have no shelter in this world but Him.

O Lord of the Yadus, please destroy this vast ocean of sins which has no shore. The king was determined not to return without having a darshan of the deity and observed fast unto death at Mount Neela. The next day, Vishvakarma, the architect of the celestial world, came to see King Indradyumna. Since time immemorial, His monumental and magnificent Shrine located in Puri Orissaone of the four major Dhamas of India Jagannath Puri Dhamhas been a most sacred centre of pilgrimage and worship.

Then Narada Muni and King Indradyumna went to see the tree.

Sri Jagannathastakam

Pleased by it and filled with the kindness, he gives every thing to Brahamnas, what they required. His body is very beautiful like the cloud filled with water.

He leaves in the beautiful city, Vrindavan. Whatever I have given to you are the remnants left by the demigods after their worship to the Lord. Vidyapati drove out his chariot towards Utkal Desha.

Out of the corners of His eyes He bestows sidelong glances upon His loving devotees and He always reveals Himself through His pastimes in His divine abode of Vrindavana.

They perform Sankirtan and dance in ecstasy before returning to heaven.