JAIMINI SUTRAS Part 1 CONTENTS Preliminary Observations: Geneology of Adhyaya 2, Pada 3-(Chapter 2, Part 3) Sthira Dasas, Navamsa Dasas. We have secondly Kalachakra Dasas and thelongevity given by them. some other karaka, If Kuja joins or aspects the 7th from Jaimini Sutras. However, when one reads P. S. Sastri’s translation of the Jaimini Sutras, Mr. Rao’s texts go the furthest in explaining how the Jaimini dasa systems work, and .

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Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 1

NOTES The author apparently means that when Sani joins the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa, a person will be able to achieve greatness -and reputation in whatever walk of life he may beengaged. If he is in the 12th house the Rasi gives a similar period. From Budha, maternal aunts, maternal uncles and other maternal relations I ike step-mothers should be found out.

Studies in Jaimini Astrology. The Lagna Arudham for the example horoscope is Cancer. It means Cancer will be counted as 1. They experi ment and hit upon certain herbs or roots as efficacious for certain diseases.

Planet next to Tanu Karka in Graha Chakra. We have Karakasfor all events. Commanders often lead their victorious armies against their employers and become rulers themselves. But by the interpretation by letters as directed by the author, it means the third. The Jaimini Dashas do not deal with how you feel about the situation, they show whether it occurs or not.

I shall give here the Naisargika lordships of planets. Here the first antar dasa Cancer-Gemini will be of 11 months and second antar dasa Cancer-Taurus will be of 12 months and the third antar dasa Cancer-Aries will be of 12 months, and of Cancer-Pisces will be of 3 months, etc.


Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The next sutas should be counted either in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction depending upon whether the Ascendant is sama pada or vishama pada.

Jaimini Astrology, Jaimini system of Astrology, sage Jaimini’s hindu vedic astrology system

A day in the calculation of Hindu astronomers contai ns the above number of Tatparas. Rules the affairs of spouse, partnerships, foreign travel, foreign trading, reaching the top position, name and fame in the society.

Hence, the starting dasa is of Cancer sign.

If Jaiminii or Dhanus happens to be the 12th from Karakamsa and Ketu is there, the person will get Moksha. Sage Jaimini is one of the disciples of Veda Vyasa. When Upapadam is occupied by a debilitated or weak planet, the native will have spouse from a low class family.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Two doctors, men of hi h culture with tinges of jaijini genius, far removed from each other and quite stranger s, may go on experimenting to find out the best anti dote for fever. Dear Sri Chandra, Your suggestion is a welcome one. Again count for those who are born in odd signs from Mesha to Hora Lagna in the regular order and for those born in even signs count from Meena to Janma Lagna in the sytras order, and deduct the smaller figures from sitras larger and counting again from Mesha forwards to the number of remainder, and fix that Rasi as the Varnada Rasi for odd signs and for person born in even signs counting back from Meena to the number of Rasis given by the figure, take that Lagna as the Varnada Lagna.


Lagna Arudha or Lagna padam, 2. NOTES Among all the planets commencing from Ravi, find out who gets the greatest number of degrees and minutes and determine, as principles already explained, who becomes the Atmakaraka.

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A rubber bottle is not a mother’s holy breast Nor does it contain the natural milk of the mother with the maternal love and affection pervading throughout its contents. It has two lords Rahu and Sani. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat But in getting children, there is a very great variety.

I jaimihi honestly claim that this Karaka system is not a new concept. Chandra aspects Si mha.

Practically there seems to be no difference in the combinations given in Sutras and In this world what can give a person greater pleasure than the possession of healthy, intelligent, obedient and prosperous children? Dividethisby 12wehavea balance of If Sani and Rahu occupy or aspect the 9th from Karakamsa, the person will become ungrateful to Gurus and will prove a traitor to them. So the native got married second time after obtaining the legal divorce from his first wife.

The discussion of the learned Brahmin Pandits is a source of great delight to the audience. It Kuja aspects Chandra in the 4th house from the Karakamsa, the man will have serious form of leprosy. He has not given prominence to the Nakshatras and there is the merging of two or three planets into one karaka.