blames Wesley, Rawles \ Movfl urifii; 1 urHuknl fuUirc EXPANDED EDITION ! PATRIOTS A NOVEL OF SURVIVAL IN THE COMING COLLAPSE JAMES. America faces a full-scale socioeconomic collapse in the near future. The stock market plummets, hyperinflation cripples commerce and the mounting crisis. The Paperback of the Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on.

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The second third of the book is about the early days after what the author calls ‘The Crunch.

I could say it’s worth reading just because he does give a list of stuff it would be nice to have in such a situation, but really, don’t waste your time. Anyone who voted for Obama would likely shred this for their cat’s litter box. It doesn’t hurt to get some insight into the thinking of people who have concrete plans for coping with worst-case scenarios.

Some have touted the ability of this book to convince family and friends to start preparing a little more.

James Wesley Rawles

C] 03 Mar If it is a bible, they are a go Wow. One couple was even able to pay cash for a farm on many acres in Idaho. Later on in the book they have a child at the retreat and they name the kid “Jacob Edward Samuel, Gray”. To conclude, any body who gave this book more than 2 stars hasn’t read nearly enough books. His books tend to be more science fiction, and not preachy. I wish I hadn’t used an Audible credit on it.


Please discuss further on the talk page. And what is up with the author’s name? And some of us might even include things that go bang in our preps The novel premiered at 20 on the Publishers Weekly hardcover bestsellers list, reported on November 3, Preview — Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles.

A Novel of the Coming Collapse in and Founders: So, when you read this book, be prepared for lots and lots of lists, of firearms, ammunition, accessories, vehicles, survival gear, rations, batteries, fuel types, backpacks, you name it.

These people truly had their shit together. It will be very obvious to readers that this book is basically a checklist of the items you must have when impending doom does occur. On its release day, October 4,Survivors jammes to 2 in Amazon’s overall book sales ranks and 1 in their action-adventure category.

Honestly, the story is kind of boring and unrealistic. Rawles is a spokeman for the surivalist movement.

A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse. It seems just like yesterday when he was wearing diapers to school. If you are interested in guns, for example, this one is for you. One journalist called him a “survival guru” He was described as the “conscience of survivalism.


This was a good book that got a little heavy at times and almost read more like a survivalist manual than a novel at times. Lazy writing in my opinion. Having finished the book with troves to say about it little of it goodI would like to limit to just a small tirade.

The dialogue was a bit “hokey” and lifeless.

Full text of “James Wesley Rawles Patriots Surviving The Coming Collapse Pdf”

I was talking to this guy I work with about food storage. None of them are really distinguishable from one another beyond a few simply-described traits: Hey fellas, I don’t care if the government is wrong, out of bounds, and overstepping its authority and jurisdiction and Writing jamrs review as I read If this is “prepper porn”, it’s not very titillating. Are you an author? It’s just not very interesting. But again, for all the detail provided, those people never come to rawels in these pages as three-dimensional characters.

And I like almost any of it. The reader will be able to crack that code.