You’ve been outbid on lot(s). Home. > Auction Product: qualifiavr Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) . There was a brief reference made to the Jamo AVR earlier today, but it’s perhaps worthy of it’s own thread. Basically, I’m in the market for. Danish Jamo, with a reputation for Europe’s largest manufacturer of acoustics, increasingly manifests itself in the AV-electronics. Design AVR deliberately.

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No matter how cheap it is, you should not buy stuff like this without demoing!! So I just came back from auditioning everything mgf mall had to offer in terms of integrated stereo amps jam didnt like ANY of them, nor did I like the focal floorstanders kef floorstanders, polk totally out of the question, energy, onkyo, I even heard the jamo c on a denon amp and and all the new jamo speakers.

Aug 20, at 9: Have a look at the pics here Status Not open for further replies.

Jamo Receivers (AVR-693, AVR-793) – has anyone heard them?

However the AVR appears to be a different kettle of fish. Prior to the earlier related thread this morning I didn’t even afr of Jamo’s AV amp existence! Aug 1, Messages: Lyrita has Amity as well – so that may be the speaker suiting your taste. If he hasn’t an issue, I think I might just go for it.


Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) Auction | GraysOnline Australia

Suppose the shrillness remains after the stipulated period, then what? Such things going at such ridiculous prices! Aug 18, at Your nickname or email address: So, I could really use a good and cheap amp. Well connected For total flexibility the DVD includes all the outputs you’ll need: The company employs the very principles of Scandinavian design tradition when developing products. But I also would prefer a stereo amp.

Oh, and we don’t use spring-clips This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. But it will ruin the 2nd hand price We really believe we’ve come up with a totally unique look for our new electronics.

If I want back desperately in the future that is. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Share This Page Tweet. For 25k your other options include the denon 16xx series which is not only 5.

Hello, I am moving, so converting home theater into stereo setup for rest of tech unfriendly: Input versatility Naturally you’ve got a full spread of video inputs, with the AVR boasting additional high-bandwidth component video inputs and outputs.

I’ve never demoed anything in my life!!

Dec 5, Messages: Aug 18, at 8: Just one of the factors which distinguishes an excellent amplifier from merely a good one. You asking about the e or e’s? Original value U. Russraff – you were right My Moviestars were bitingly shrill when installed and the sweetness came only after hours of play. These not only give the products a beautiful appearance and feel, but also ensure a very stable construction, further enhancing video and sound quality.


As a result there’s always enough current to keep a tight ‘grip’ on speakers. Am really jealous of the ‘current’ serious seekers Behold my first and last AVR. The receiver has favourable reviews.

I’ll give my thoughts once I get my hands on it. Comprehensive processing You name it these receivers have got it.

Hifi Manuals

Of course, if you buy one from the USA it will be volts. Either that or you’re a good photographer. Even the most demanding transient peaks are reproduced with life-like accuracy and realistic dynamics.

In some ways you could call it a collector’s abr. After which immediately Jamo was bought over by klipsch and their factories moved to china and began the era of Chinafied Jamo. If you order from the US it will undoubtedly be classed as a “domestic” unit and will not have the voltage selector.

Aug 17, at