Buy Jazz Mutant Lemur – Control Surface featuring Multi-Touch Control Surface, Built-In Computing Resources Mu Plug-In for Tight Live Integration. Review Jazz . It’s not so often that I write obituaries for hardware, but this time, it seems appropriate. JazzMutant has announced that its Lemur, the multi-touch. We’ve just heard the sad but now wholly unsurprising news that JazzMutant is to stop selling its multitouch Lemur controller. In fact, Stantum.

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Jazz Mutant Lemur overview. I can’t see that it’s that complex, and would make an interesting controller for other applications. The last batch of Lemurs just came out of the factory. The limitation is based on the amount of available memory which, in the Lemur, is not much.

Lemur software benefits from nearly 10 years of development, and has been fine-tuned to provide maximum performance on iPad.

And perhaps concluded it was a too expensive niche product…. Retrieved from ” https: That being said, it’s lwmur unclear how suitable it will be for music performance as nobody has yet seen the unit in action.

No Longer Available Update Location close. This is why Stantum is announcing today that it will close its JazzMutant activity unit and stop selling its jazzmugant Lemur Multi-touch hardware controller at the end of December while the stock lasts!

Hopefully they’ll get the ipad up to lemur standards in the near future. Powered by Max for Live, Mu gives instant automatic integration with any Live set, even existing Live sets. We’ve just heard the sad but now jazzumtant unsurprising news that JazzMutant is to stop selling its multitouch Lemur controller. We expect to see a lot of Lemur rip-offs showing up on the App Store, as well as other multitouch capable devices. And Jazz,utant think the year of the tablet is more likely to beas Windows, Linux MeeGo and UbuntuAndroid, and presumably Chrome tablets all hit the marketplace.


This includes three new objects: Mu is free for all existing Lemur owners. From now on, this ecosystem is evolving quickly: That makes this a very desirable marketplace, and could explain why JazzMutant are in no hurry to open source their code.

Objects can be attached to arbitrary mathematical expressions to transform movements into ranges that are more appropriate for the task at hand. Official website different jzzmutant Wikidata and Wikipedia.

See any errors on this page? Lots of people say the same thing jszzmutant about the iPad, though.

There will not be any further updates jazzmuatnt the Dexter app. With the announcement, not only does the Lemur hardware die, but the platform itself reaches a dead end. With just a tap of the finger Mu displays exactly what you need. As long as they run on OSC….


Stay informed about the latest news at Liine, including product news, tips and tricks, artist stories, events and more. The Lemur Input Device is a highly customizable multi-touch device from French company JazzMutantwhich serves as a controller for musical devices such as synthesizers and mixing consolesas well as for other media applications such as video performances.


Since its lemue launch, the Lemur has been endorsed by a fascinating community of music and video artists. A new plug-in, Mu brings ultimate integration between the Lemur controller and Ableton Live, making controlling the software easier, faster and more intuitive. The iPad, on the other hand, is a mainstream product, a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ that’s not specifically tailored to musicians’ needs.

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So the era of accessible multi-touch music controllers will begins with developing such software for iPad. The jazzmutant website will stay online in order to let the user community access support resources and share their projects. JazzMutant has announced that its Lemur, the multi-touch hardware controller, is officially at the end of its life. The problem is that while Stantum says they’re having a firesale on the thing, it’s still being sold on their site for a cool 1.

I imagined that the fusion of touch displays with computers was a couple of years off; it was actually closer to six years. The list of prestigious and influent artists who have made the Lemur their favorite pet companion on stage would be way too long to be jaazmutant here. If there was a firesale, and they actually dropped the pricing to a competitive level under bucksI would buy several of them right this moment.