Directed by Danny Strong. With Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Spacey, Victor Garber, Hope Davis. The life of celebrated but reclusive author, J.D. Salinger, who gained . Jd Salinger De Veghe in Lanul De Secara. 53 likes. Book. Buy De veghe in lanul de secara (Romanian books) by J.D. Salinger (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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And he makes it very clear because he mentions it, like, every two pages.

Am i the only person who fails to understand why this book is considered a classic, to me it was boring and tedious and the plot failed to engross me as many other books have? They eventually reach the zoo’s carouselwhere Phoebe reconciles with Holden after he buys her a ticket. Antolini, who is now a New York University professor. E vorba despre altceva, un ceva despre care s-au scris zeci de mii de pagini.

But what is more interesting is that those who idolize Holden tend to be those who most misunderstand him. It just made me angry. The America’s Intelligence Wire.

Holden Caulfield is a character many, many people hate. What is interesting about this book is not that it is realistically bland, but that it is j.d.salinger bland. He never got mad at anybody. Edit Details Official Sites: My reviews always are. They are just struggling to come up with ideas how to do that, as their experience is limited.


The Catcher in the Rye

She was really good. Those of us who don’t relate to Holden see in him a self-absorbed whiner, and in Salinger, a one-trick-pony who lucked into performing his trick at a time when some large fraction of America happened to be in the right collective frame of mind to perceive this boring twaddle as subversive and meaningful.

In a short epilogue, Holden briefly alludes to encountering his parents that night and “getting sick” implying a tuberculosis diagnosismentioning that he will be attending another school in September.

Even if they win over addiction… how could life ever feel as full after that brief moment shared with others who completely understand? Caulfield intends to live with his brother D.

Lectura Audio: J.D. Salinger – De Veghe In Lanul De Secara

Sounds like that could certainly be a not unsubstantial portion of the male 16 year old population. Gives the lady of the night, five dollars just for talking, sends her away, good deeds are always rewarded, Maurice, comes back with Sunny for more money, a dispute arises, but they leave with an extra five, and a sock in the stomach of the poorer, but wiser Holden. Retrieved January 21, I think, rarely could someone find a place where people are more vulnerable, open, and honest with each other.

I must have missed it. Retrieved December 18, Like Holden, Salinger was known for his reclusive nature. Ceva imposibil de sintetizat intr-o scurta prezentare. Turns out this is still a damn good book. Holden simply wants to save his little sister and other kids from …more I think, it is about saving innocence, which is also a symbol of childhood. So being a catcher in the rye may make sense.


Rebel in the Rye () – IMDb

When I’m happy, all I see is a moody overly judgmental privileged teenager looking for reasons to bitch about the world and being immature and a phony. Or maybe I could take some jabs at the less than exciting narrative pacing and throw in a few references to “watching paint dry”. From the very beginning he j.f.salinger us into part of his personal life.

Happily, some of them kept records of their troubles.

Yes No Report this. I wish now that Lanull read this sooner. He is a tragic victim of the crappy world in which he has no control and where no one understands him.

He’s very, very insensitive. He is growing intellectually little by little throughout the whole book. Instead, I found myself completely drawn into the rich, nuanced story of Holden Caulfield. Retrieved September 27, Retrieved February 12, You can’t really love The Catcher in the Rye if you are feeling happy and content.

Also, Holden thinks everyone besides him is a phony and j.d.salinge moron. Yardley, Jonathan October 19,