Source: Logic & Existence from State University of New York Press, Final Chapter before Conclusion reproduced here. Logic and existence / Jean Hyppolite ; translated by Leonard Lawlor and. Amit Sen. . Hyppolite’s interpretation of Hegel, see also Jean Hyppolite, “La ‘phenoin . This first English translation illuminates Hegelianism’s most obscure dialectical synthesis: the relation between the phenomenology and the logic. This book is.

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It is the pure jeab in which difference the one that will be set free in external nature and in finite spirit is the alterity that leads thought to sublate itself. The idea, however, in Hegel, is truly an idea, sense, while, in Bergson, it is this side of or beyond sense.

Being is reflected in itself, and, in this reflection, it is as sense.

Thus the conflict of being and nothingness exhausts itself in the instability of becoming, but hyppolire has become, the being there, is a new immediateness. Hegelian logic does not start from two alien terms that it would combine, but from mediation.

Its self-determination is the judgment that reproduces at the level of the concept the diremption of essence, the appearance of the particular in the universal, and of the universal in the particular.

Infinity is also there immediately; it is the bad infinite, the indefinite series of a something and its other. Trivia About Logic and Existen Matthew Linck rated it it was amazing Jun 11, Jonatan rated it it was amazing Dec 24, It is the intelligibility of being, its in-itself for itself, but still in the element of the in-itself.

Thomas Skovmand added it Aug 05, Current Trends in Soviet Logic. The Whole is indeed Singularity, but the authentic Singularity is only the Ad in the opening of its own development-the concrete universal-the understanding which is at the same time intuitive and discursive.


Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name existemce the top right of any screen. It is like a second being behind the first, but when we no longer abstract from its position, when we comprehend it as self-positing, as self-constituting, then it is no longer essence but sense.

In the Jsan Logos, genesis is comprehensive genesis; being comprehends itself and comprehends itself as far as the ontic limits of all comprehension. The logic of being corresponds to the transcendental aesthetic. The absolute concept the unique formtherefore, must rediscover itself in all of its moments, in the forms which, insofar as xnd are manifold, present themselves as content.

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, — Contributions in logic. The seed, the initial cell is being, nothingness, becoming.

This first English translation illuminates Hegelianism’s most obscure dialectical synthesis: The Categories of the Absolute. The logic of the concept corresponds to the major turn that transcendental logic represents in the history of philosophy.

When we consider the forms of logic, we note that, in their isolation, they are without truth, because, insofar as they are some forms, they have a content inadequate to the whole thinking movement, to conception itself. Being, Essence, Concept constitute the three instincts of the Logos, the three circles which reproduce at different levels the same fundamental theme.

Logic and Existence by Jean Hyppolite

Uniform Title Logique et existence. Being was not reflecting itself. Isn’t the immediate being at the beginning already the absolute Idea of the end? This book is not yet featured on Listopia. University of the Sunshine Coast.

Logic and Existence (Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)

If we remember this definition in connection with the fundamental assertion of transcendental idealism, that reason as knowing is incapable of apprehending things-in-themselves, that reality lies absolutely outside the concept, then it is at once evident that a reason such as this which is unable to put itself in agreement with its object, the things-in-themselves, and things-in-themselves that are not in agreement with the concept of reason, the concept that is not in agreement with reality, and a reality that does not agree with the concept, are untrue conceptions.


We can say that the becoming of the sensible is in itself its hhppolite, but essentialisation is not there as such.

Azor Ahai added it Jul 14, Hegelian Logic is the absolute genesis of sense, a sense which, to itself, is its own sense, which is not opposed to the being whose sense it is, but which is sense and being simultaneously. This reproduction is creation; it is simultaneously intuitive and discursive.

But in this case, what are we to think of Kantianism, according to which the knowledge of reason is incapable of grasping things in themselves, and actuality is alien to the concept? English Author Hyppolite, Jean. Essence is the dialectical moment of this alienation of being.

Between Philosophy and Non-Philosophy. Somehow, the process gets congealed. The Logic is opposed to experience as ontology is opposed hylpolite anthropology.

It understands abstraction as the psychological process which, having at first put aside exiwtence from which it is abstracted, claims to be made complete through that from which it is abstracted.

These two aspects of the logic of essence-namely, immediate being negates itself and therefore posits itself behind itself fundamentally as essence, and immediate being, negating itself, has become appearance-are one and the same movement.

Phillip Homburg rated it really liked it Sep 16, His interpretation of the relation between the phenomenology and the logic has the result of marking a rupture in French thought.