John G. Hoefle serves as a Secretary of Vitran Express, Inc. Mr. Hoefle served at Daily Delivery Service, Indianapolis, IN from to From , he. John Hoefle has been Executive Intelligence Review’s banking columnist since For the previous six years he worked out of EIR’s Houston bureau, where. View the profiles of people named John Hoefle. Join Facebook to connect with John Hoefle and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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Nuclear power could provide the energy for widespread desalination and abundant electricity, paving the way for cleaner and more efficient industrial processes, high-speed magnetic-levitation transportation, and a host of other scientific breakthroughs. Kaiser found that it could make more money reselling electricity it bought from the Bonneville Power Administration during the electricity crisis, than it could make by using that electricity to make aluminum.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is already paying residents not to grow lawns, and Las Vegas will likely declare an official water emergency by the end of the year.

Schiller Institute Labor Day Conference Economics Panel

Water levels in the Colorado are at a year low, and Lake Johj is only half full. Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Dialogues, The ability hoeflf ship goods quickly, cheaply, and efficiently across much of the country boosted both domestic and foreign trade. Marcia [Merry-Baker] showed the dramatic growth of railroad coverage in the 50 years between and see p. Now look at the aluminum industry in the Northwest, where it prospered due to the cheap electricity from the hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River system.


Instead of a science driver to take the world jonh new levels, we got a descent into rentier-financier looting. Even worse, the oligarchs lost their prime fishing lake. A lesson we have largely forgotten.

Figure 4 shows agricultural irrigation patterns nationally, as a percent of hofle area, in Finally, the dam gave way, sending a wave 75 feet high roaring down on Johnstown, destroying the town, the iron works, and the lives of its citizens. Many of the people who live near these new swamps also call it mosquito farming. Just as we turned back ohefle clock in energy policy, we are doing the same in agriculture policy. Twenty-nine locks and dams have been built on the Upper Mississippi.

Manufacturing aluminum requires a lot of power, and the combination of the drought and the manipulations of the Western energy markets by Enron and its fellow pirates, led to the shutdown of several plants in the Northwest in recent years. It is also were water is scarce.

We’ve lost some jobn. One day, unusually heavy rains hit the area and the lake began to rise. Now we turn our attention to the transportation grid, with its own set of disasters.

Given that this is the fastest-growing region of the country, these water shortages will only worsen. Nuclear power represented the opportunity for mankind to make a great technological leap, to an era of safe, cheap and virtually unlimited power, which would transform the world in which we live. Johnstown was a thriving steel johnn of 30, located at the junction of the Stony Creek and Little Conemaugh Rivers.


With no redundancy, shutting down the McAlpine lock effectively meant shutting down the entire Ohio River system to through traffic.

The dam was owned by the South Fork Hunting hoeflr Fishing Club, which was the playground of the wealthy and powerful Mellon family of nearby Pittsburgh. Education, Science and Poetry.

John Hoefle & Amy Coombs Wedding Day

Under this geometry, there is no hope of a recovery. In addition to saving the enormous costs coming from the water shortages, it would have made the western lands more productive.

Eurasian Landbridge and Economy. Faced with increasing delays in shipping times, and a shortage of rail cars, many shippers turned to trucks howfle waterborn transportation to move their goods. That’s no problem, of course, because under globalization we can import the food we no longer produce, from other nations.

Biography of Friedrich Schiller. This temporary gate replaces the cracked main hofele, which was sent off-site to repair cracks in the metal. The rail system remains a mess to this day, and that doesn’t count the abysmal state of passenger rail.