This charming story about a penguin colony in Antarctica illustrates key truths about Based on John Kotter’s pioneering work on how to make smart change. I came across “Our Iceberg is Melting. Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions” when looking for a book on organizational change. ixty copi in June, enluat~ its rif~et on our chan.e rifor t, and th~n ord~”””- fi . Iceberg. Is Melting. C/u”‘lIi”ll and S1JCC«di”ll. Undo- Any Conliitions. John Kotter.

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This is a book that will help me in many ways in my hero’s journey. It covers all the steps to success in a changing world, from finding the substantial issues, aligning with a potent champion, charting the course, getting buy-in, dealing with those who want no change, and so on.

Why Smart Executives Fail.

May 08, David rated it did not like it Shelves: Could you handle it? But contained within the story and the characters is a powerful message about the fear of change and how to motivate people to face the future and take action.

On the surface, Our Iceberg Is Melting is a simple story of a colony of penguins facing a dilemma. Clarify how the future will be different from the past, and how you can make that future a reality. Sep 30, Jon athan Nakapalau rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man lernt unheimlich viel davon, ohne es vielleicht im ersten Moment zu begreifen.

The 8 phases of change management according to Kottler are: The Power of Noticing. Do executives actually think this stuff is effective?

Our Iceberg is Melting

I know that change is inevitable and that people are more often than not resistant to change, hence the need for change management. I found it to be unintentionally funny in some places e. I suggest you go to the bookstore and buy a cup of coffee.


This book is not only poorly written, it is extremely condescending and sexist.

Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter

Three and a half stars. The fact that money was wasted in producing this book is sad enough, but that it’s actually purchased for professional development purposes is downright depressing. It’s not about global warming! I then suggest any number of Kotter’s books in the Harvard Business Essential series Change the Culture, Change the Game. What if you found out that the company you worked for had to undergo a major redesign?

Create a Sense of Urgency Help others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately. But I just hate those business exercises find your hedgehog, are you the pasta or the sauce, etc that take the place of real communication and emotional and business intelligence.

The New One Minute Manager. Could you convince others of the need to change? This little book sets out to make it a bit easier to relate to, and to highlight the importance of change and the pitfalls of change management.

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As to whether this book will actually change the way people react to change… well, the verdict is still out on that. Create a sense of urgency. He has worked in industry since the early ‘s and is now icebrrg one of the leading medical technology companies, Bectom Dickinson.

It is very important to Think and Feel in this process. The fable format is a very quick read, and is easily accessible by almost any audience, but that also means it’s extremely lightweight.


If icsberg are a number of elementary school level b They need to stop killing trees for these kinds of books, even if they are used in ‘board rooms and leadership committees’. But, it can be useful for anyone, because we are constantly with people in any type of group.

When the alarm is raised that the group needs to move to a more stable piece of ice the others in the group respond in very familiar ways: Of course the one leader that is female is a nagging, self-important bitch who has no patience for anyone else. He is co-founder of Kotter International, a change management and strategy execution firm that helps organizations engage employees in a movement to drive change and reach sustainable results. id

Esto me va a ayudar mucho en mi vida. This Will Make You Smarter.

Quotes from Our Iceberg Is Me Their narrative structure lulls our adult brain into a false sense of security, disabling the rational analytical faculties that usually protect our cherished world view.

The characters that we meet in Our Iceberg is Melting are ‘types’ that are found in every icdberg. Fred must cleverly convince and enlist key players, such as Louis, the head penguin; Alice, the icebrrg two bird; the intractable NoNo the weather expert; and a passle of school-age penguins if he is to save the colony.

Yet another work read and this one sticks in my mind.