Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War.

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Almir Filho Its pretty important, the finale of the first trilogy. Personal copy 1 September View all 3 comments. Then, they’re offered the chance to head a new colony that really needs them.

They end up partnering with diplomats from the Earth and the Union to pull lwst an intricate trap for the shadowy Equilibrium forces, outfoxing both their secret supporters in Conclave legislature and others who just want all humans scslzi out.

Then, the interaction between protagonists – mostly John and everyone else – is extremely formulaic.

Thank you for writing. I have no fondness for Westerns and frontier towns and all the settler business was not that appealing.

I think the parts where it should spend more time on got shortened like the going ons in other planets during the war with the Conclave etc, and vice versa. I think that might have been Scalzi’s intent. Hickory and Dickory get their own point. Out went the third-person chapters, and in came a new focus on John Perry and his point of view. Is it really plausible that an entire Conclave of hostile alien races cannot get their act together to beat into submission a single colony of 2, settlers who are basically unarmed civilians?

He’s got smart characters you can root for, fast-paced plots, and you always know you won’t have to think too hard. Perry has his own political rivals on Roanoke. I haven’t read Zoe’s Tale, but I assume it’s predominately her I’m good at making inferences from my reading aren’t I?


Thanks so much, John, for the glimpse inside your writing process. The colony proceeds with surprisingly little initial difficulty.

The Last Colony | Old Man’s War Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I wondered however where Scalzi was going with this story, with its focus on imperialism and the dangers scalzk power in the hands of the few, placing us first in a narrow perspective, and widening it three quarters of the way in.

The colonists don’t know about this purpose until they’ve already set up Roanoke, and by the time the Conclave fleet shows up to enforce its ultimatum, the colonists have no choice lasst to help the Colonial Union thwart the Conclave.

And that he really believes in the beautiful dream of multi-culti in the space where many races would live in peace and harmony, and among rainbows and unicorns… wait.

This is disappointing since I usually can count on Scalzi for keeping me glued to the screen of my Kindle. Here, John and Jane have been living the life on the planet of Huckleberry. The Conclave leader begs John to either give up the colony or secede from the Union and join the Conclave. Return to Book Page. One of the things that I loved the most about the Last Colony was that Scalzi wasn’t afraid to shake things up.

Hey, at least we have each other. The third installment of this series finds John Perry and his wife Jane retired from the Colonial Defense Force and living quietly on joyn colonized planet with their daughter. When you write, because there’s a contract, you can feel it. The confederation of human planets known as Colonial Union was formed coloony response to alien civilizations out to exterminate our species, and in response to their success hundreds of alien species have formed their own confederation, the Conclave.

And here, within few pages, we go from Scalzi making fun and playing with the genre to Scalzi turning preachy and pushy.


Thoughts on The Last Colony – Whatever

I want to know more. The ship has been irreparably damaged to prevent the craft from leaving orbit, and all the colonists are considered quarantined from the rest of the Colonial Union. View all 7 comments. They have no obligations except scakzi a perverted sense of moral duty. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Simply put, it wasn’t serious. All the other colonies have been started using people from Earth, but Roanoke will be the first to be made up of a hodge podge of people from different colonized worlds, and this makes it a political hot potato.

The Last Colony

Oct 10, Mpauli rated it it was amazing Shelves: Because see, it’s this general subject that drives the entire conflict behind all of Scalzi’s stories; in his universe, there are tons of intelligent, spacegoing species, but only a tiny amount of planets around the galaxy that can support humanoid life, and so in realistic fashion a giant galaxy-wide space war has ensued over these precious resources, with there constantly being a state of conflict between all of the spacegoing species in question.

The Roanoke colony’s purpose is to refuse all three of these choices and lat make the Conclave look bad. So even though I’m midway in Zoe’s TaleI’m having a sad. Perry’s focus on forging new policies of cooperation over endless conflict is not sczlzi revolutionary, but seen as outright impossible in such a context. I can accept one person doing stupid mistake but organisation that successfully led humanity for few hundred years collectively going nuts and committing suicidal acts – goes beyond ladt believe.