Quantum Evolution presents a revolutionary new scientific theory by asking: is there a force of will behind evolution? In his astonishing first book, Johnjoe. Molecular biologist Johnjoe McFadden risks the Inquisition by suggesting just such a possibility in Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life. Directed at a. Johnjoe McFadden “enters new and provocative territory in his marriage of physics and biology” (Science News). His simple but staggering theory of quantum.

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BUT much of the book was over my head and I felt that I would be returning to the book in the future to try to sort out much of what McFadden was trying to say, which I found intriguing to no end. Well, this experiments haven’t worked.

I could only find one professional review; that of Wallace Arthur in the journal Heredity which can be found here.

The greater the genetic variability, the greater the likelihood that some genetic strain will be able to adapt and survive.

July 31, at 1: Seanlindstedt rated it really liked it Apr 13, A common misconception is that science progresses through massive paradigm shifts – it generally doesn’t.

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Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden » TimeBlimp

Gives a nice overview of the effect of Quantum Mechanics on how life might have originated hypothetically, explained explicitly in the book! This book is fucking johnjpe. Yaru Lin rated it really johnjle it Jul 16, What we do know, is that life finds a way.

I feel like by reading it I took an entire course in microbiology, an entire course in quantum mechanics minus the m This book is fucking amazing. Want to Read saving…. I think this theory needs to be given all due consideration by the scientific community.

Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life

McFadden voices a new theory that is gaining popularity: Jacob rated it liked it Jan 15, Things get reeeallllyy wacky at the end of the book, when McFadden turns his attention to the brain, specifically to consciousness. McFadden argues that the odds were helped along by quantum mechanics — he suggests that the initial fumbling around in ancient tidepools to generate the first self-replicating molecule was quantum-mechanical, so the dvolution molecules existed as superpositions of many different configurations simultaneously.

Nov 21, Peter rated it it was ok. K, actually, this is one of my favorites because it presents the science behind a great deal of my deepest spiritual beliefs. Paul Vittay rated it it was amazing Jan 18, This is basically a response in support of punctuated equilibrium that proposes a quantum level solution.


Otherwise, the book seems to have suffered the indignity of being ignored by the scientific community. You stole our lunch money, but we forgive you.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. McFadden argues that quanthm larger-scale electromagnetic field in the brain might be a second-level, parallel information processing mechanism. I finished the book and googled the topic. Interesting points of view – he’s one of my old Uni lecturers.

Behe’s bizarre views on biology and evolution have been thoroughly discredited elsewhere.

There are apparently 2 schools of thought concerning Quantum Evolution. Then there is a trauma – a scarcity of a needed resources which forces the organism to quantun.

Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden

If you love science, just read it. Personally I think Mr.

Johnjoe McFadden has constructed a theory that combines quantum mechanics and evolution, sort of an end-run connecting the two areas of science I would have thought least likely mcfaddeen be directly connected. Posted by timeadmin at 7: