José Saramago – Prose. English. Swedish · Portuguese . Original title: Memorial do Convento Copyright © José Saramago and Editorial Caminho, SARL. Con motivo del 50 aniversario de Alfaguara, este título ha sido elegido como uno de los 50 imprescindibles de la historia de la editorial. Results 1 – 30 of 35 Memorial Do Convento by Saramago, Jose and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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When one first encounters the concept of capturing human “wills” with which to power the flying machine, one is a initially a bit disoriented. The character development is superb and nothing is left to wonder, which, memoroal this tale, is perfect.

The basilica and the convent were inaugurated on the day of the King’s 41st birthday on October 22, The writing is distinctively Saramago with very few periods and punctuations. Perhaps, the longest pages I’ve ever tried to read, but very fulfilling in the end; a 5 star like no other that I’ve rated, ‘Baltasar and Blimunda’ is historical fiction at its base, but a sati 5.

Jun 29, La. But aside from the weighty message of that, one soon becomes used to the idea in a matter-of-fact way. Translated by Giovanni Pontiero. This image, for lack of a better word, is one of those that permeates the whole novel. Still rulers don’t convenro to give money away, no pension, so the new couple decide to go back to Mafra, Baltasar home town, his good parents and sister live there and greet him with tears in their eyes, after so many long years apart.

There you can perceive the contrast between different points of views, i. Not totally almost bereft like his writing in Blindess but more enjoyable compared to it primarily because it is a historical love story that reminded me of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth 3 stars one of the earliest books I’ve read when I was already a Goodreads member.

I picked up a Spanish translation, as my knowledge of Portuguese is nonexistent. It was worth the many whiles. Besides the conversation of women, it is dreams that keep the world in orbit. The ending is surprising, but fits.

Baltasar and Blimunda by José Saramago

Se sofri com o final? The plight of a woman, especially memorual the queen, the horror to be the queen, for the grief to be a woman, “for the shame, this life that is; and for the death that comes” por el horror de ser reina, por el dolor de ser mujer, por las dos penas juntos, por esta vida que se va, por esa muerte que viene. Mafra, a small town about 17 miles outside Lisbon, is chosen for the project’s site, at the lower end of the totem pole is an ex, disabled soldier, by the name of Baltasar Mateus, nicknamed “Seven Suns”.


Nov 01, Henry Avila rated it really liked it. Ludwig had studied architecture in Rome and knew contemporary Italian art. Gostei muito da Belimunda e do Baltasar! As the inquisition rages and royalty and religion clash, they pursue his impossible, not to mention heretical, dream of flight.

Last summer, I read my first Saramango book, Blindness, and loved it. Parallel to this narrative, far from the inaccessible heights where monarchs and prelates hang, the destinies memoriak three principal characters are told to us.

He fought for his Royal Highness against arch enemy Spain, leaving his left hand somewhere in that country, but the authorities have short memories, the patriot, has no value to them now. I loved the mysticism blended with the vulgar and the realism of Portuguese social life of the late medieval period.

View all 14 comments. The book at times also felt similar to Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose 4 stars minus its philosophical musings.

It is perfectly consistent with my other very sarakago background launching out into the experience of an Iberian writer or a Latin American writer. Agora estou super feliz porque vou fazer uma visita de estudo a Mafra, quero descobrir mais sobre esta obra! Indeed, rather dangerous chimera in the time of the Inquisition.

José Saramago – Facts –

I just prodded and went on and on until the last page. Back to top Back Fo Top Takes users back to the top of the page. The enormous effort in moving that huge stone is physically exhausting for the reader himself. Josee, I certainly recommend the book; there you can find picturesque description of early 18th century Portugal, a new standpoint to see the Lenten procession of penitents, and the march of enslaved peasants conscripted to work on the royal oath, which is going to be the convent of Mafra.

José Saramago – Prose

Blimunda has the ability to see inside a person and needs to eat bread before opening her eyes every morning. There is a nice description of the nature of this festivity. The former soldier had become friends with the brilliant, yet unstable priest, the two, Baltasar, and Blimunda, help assemble the flying machine for the padre Add to the mix, the Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti and this wonderful play with music, science and art intertwine in one of the most enchanting parts of the book.


E no final desta leitura dei por mim a perguntar-me: So when a monk of St. We never ask ourselves whether there might not be some wisdom in madness, even while recognising that we are all a little mad.

Interest in other aspects of the novel depends to some extent in whether earamago develops a fascination with the history of Iberia and Portugal in particular. However, when the flow of gold from the Portuguese colony of Brazil started to arrive in Lisbon in abundance, the king changed his plans and announced the construction of a sumptuous palace along with a much enlarged friary.

Dec 02, Sonia Gomes rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: King John V the Magnanimous of Portugal, is a frustrated man, to continue the royal dynasty children are obviously needed, set back in the year of our Lord, married two years to the devout Austrian Princess Maria Ana, and yet no babies.

Thousands labouring workers to satisfy the morbid ambitions of monks and pamper bloated ego of the king remind us of builders pyramids in antiquity.

To understand the magnitude of the labour involved in building such enormous edifices, I quote from Wikipedia The exact site was chosen in and purchased in Their worldview is touching and extremely interesting, insofar as it reveals what the Portuguese peasant thought of the world.

E tanto, tanto mais Perhaps, the longest pages I’ve ever tried to read, but very fulfilling in the end; a 5 memorual like no other that I’ve rated, ‘Baltasar and Blimunda’ memodial historical fiction at its base, but a satirical fairy tale concerning the hypocritical piety in early Modern Europe at its crux.

Nada tinham de seu, mas foram o sonho, a magia, o amor grandioso. It was as though Convsnto were a kid in a candy store! The work of the Nobel Laureates also included combating war crimes, as well as integrating jjose and climate with economic growth. Is it the ancient Egypt or the Catholic Portugal pride of kings and hypocrisy of clergy seems to be unchanged for centuries. The basilica was dedicated to Our Lady and to St.