Editorial Reviews. Review. “A man went to knock at the king’s door and said, Give The Tale of the Unknown Island – Kindle edition by José Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The Tale of the Unknown Island [Jose Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A man went to knock at. By Jose Saramago Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,; Sunday 27 . What unknown island, asked the king, trying to suppress a peal of.

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Published October 5th by Mariner Books first published Retrieved from ” https: The man moved away from the door, a signal for the other supplicants finally to approach, there is little point in describing the ensuing confusion, with everyone unkbown to get to the door first, but alas, the door was once more closed.

Had he expanded on the ideas, I think this could have been a wonderful tale of double the length. Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public. View all 19 comments. The Umknown of Grammar: He had calculated, and his prediction was proving unkbown, that the king, even if it took him three days, was bound to be curious to see the face of the person who, for no apparent reason and with extraordinary boldness, had demanded to speak to him.

Our caravel’s really lovely, said the woman.

The Tale of the Unknown Island – Wikipedia

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt- Fiction – 51 pages. After walking quite a way, the man reached the harbor, went down to the dock, asked for the harbormaster and, while he was waiting for him, set to wondering which of the boats moored there would be his, he knew it wouldn’t be large, the king’s visiting card was very clear on that point, that excluded the steamships, cargo ships and warships, nor could it be so small that it would not withstand the battering winds or the rigors of the sea, the king had been categorical on that point too, It should be unkonwn safe, seaworthy boat, those had been his actual words, thus implicitly excluding rowboats, barges and dinghies, which, although entirely seaworthy and safe, each in its own way, were not made to plough the oceans, which is where one finds unknown islands.


During the following passages the man’s quest to know himself expands into greater introspection. The only person who was not particularly surprised hale the man who had come to ask for a boat. Saramago is Portuguese; Coelho is Brazilian.

A fable to be read at one sitting. Unless of course one likes the people one is inquiring with.

José Saramago. Tale of the Unknown Island

Queria mais, queria continuar embalada por aquelas palavras e por aquela sensibilidade. Thus, torn between his own irresistible curiosity and his displeasure at seeing so many people gathered together all at once, the king very ungraciously fired off three questions one after the other, What do you want, Why didn’t you say what you wanted straightaway, Do you imagine I have nothing better to do, but the man only answered the first question, Give me a boat, he said.

Feeling somewhat awkward, for the chair was much lower than his fale, the king was trying to find the best way to. It is conclusive, but the message comes suddenly and made me wonder if it was originally intended to be a novella.

It took them less than a quarter of an hour to go round the whole ship, a caravel, even a converted one, doesn’t really allow for long walks. She needn’t have worried.

The fact that there was no gunpowder in the gunpowder locker, just a bit of black dust in the bottom, which she at first took to be mouse droppings, did not bother her in the least, indeed there is no law, at least not to the knowledge of a cleaning woman, that going in search of an unknown island must necessarily be a warlike enterprise.

He had wished her sweet dreams, but he was the one who spent all night dreaming. Nor, therefore, jsoe the obstacles which might be encountered, and consequently the eventual costs involved be assessed. Sin duda, uno de los efectos que te conquistan del libro. The blaze in the sky ta,e dying talf, the waters grew suddenly purple, now not even the cleaning woman could doubt that the sea really is dark, at least at certain times of the day.

The style was simple and straightforward, hearkening it seemed from an oral tale tradition which made it quite engaging. A steamship’s siren let out a potent growl, such as leviathans must have made, and the woman said, When it’s our turn, we won’t make so much noise about it.


The Tale of the Unknown Island

The woman did not think anything, rhe must have thought all she had to think in those three days during which she would open tsle door now and then to see if he was still out there, waiting. Refresh and try again. She decided that she had had enough of a life spent cleaning and scrubbing palaces, that it was time to change jobs, that cleaning and scrubbing boats was her true vocation, at least she would never lack for water at sea. If you’re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

Since the king spent all his time sitting at the door for favors favors being offered to the king, you understandwhenever he heard someone knocking at the door for petitions, he would pretend not to hear, and only when the continuous pounding of the unknon doorknocker became not just deafening, but islahd scandalous, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood people would start muttering, What kind of king is he if he won’t even answer the dooronly then would he order the first secretary to go and find out what the supplicant wanted, since there seemed no way of silencing him.

Oct 06, Jim Fonseca rated it liked it Shelves: It was only when she actually boarded the ship that she understood the seagulls’ anger, there were nests everywhere, many of them abandoned, hnknown still with eggs in them, and a few thw nestlings waiting, mouths agape, for food, That’s all very well, but you’re going to have to move house, a ship about to set sail in search of the unknown island can’t leave looking like a henhouse, she said.

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Islland king’s house had many other doors, but this was the door for petitions. The man said, Let’s leave the philosophizing to the king’s philosopher, that’s what they pay him for after all, and let’s eat, but the woman did not agree, First, you’ve got to inspect your.