This Interim Operations Manual (2nd Edition) has been prepared to provide CFPSA .. The JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form – DND The preliminary instructions shall advise the JTF 2 applicant to bring the following Section C of the JTF 2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form. Interim Operations Manual for the Special Operations COXSWAIN Physical Fitness Selection Test CANFORGEN /14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2).

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Combat is open to both genders. These duties are performed while wearing heavy rucksack and body armour. During these seven days, a candidate is likely to be assessed on: A larger HQ element; Operations squadron; Multiple sabre squadrons with multiple troops ; Combat support squadron; Combat service support squadron; and A training squadron.

I’ve heard tales of guys doing ONE thing wrong and they get booted off.

I took the 1. For reference, while the minimum score is 75, you’re not getting in with less than as it is very competitive. You would still have to get through selection which is weeks long. They break everyone down to a point were your fitness doesn’t really carry you any more.

Parachuting onto ground or into water; Climbing ladders and cliffs; Rappelling; Conducting close-quarters battle CQB ; and Battle drills in varying types of terrain and climatic conditions day or night.

That’s the pace for a 25 minute 10km which has never been done before.

Nous parlons français ici aussi!

The skills all come later and I’d say most focused people can learn them but it’s about being able to carry lbs of kit over brutal terrain with major sleep deprivation, no food and in all the elements nature can throw at you. TBH, that’s pretty reasonable. You’ll puke and shit yourself in the pool. Makes me proud to know that such amazing people are serving our country.

  BOSCH LBC 3951 11 PDF

Land navigation; Patrolling; Basic and advanced weapons; and Insertion and extraction techniques.

Maual the one where they parachute into the Arctic and then have to trek km to an extraction point in like a week or something isn’t it? Problem solving; and Interpersonal skills.

The standard was based 2. SOF personnel are also required to board ocean vessels while they are underway from another floating or airborne platform in fitnesa sea states day or night, and where speed and stealth are imperative.

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Doing at least 5 pullups is very easy to train even if you are moderately overweight. The origin is unclear.

Situps are max in 60 seconds. Fucking treading water holding a cinder block above his head and all kinds of other intense shit. Was it actual members that shows up? General Requirements for all candidates: JTF 2 training seeks to attract determined, highly-motivated, intelligent, reliable and physically fit individuals to serve with the Canadian Joint Task Force Two.

You gotta be a somebody to know. Hard course for hard men. I might be able but don’t bench. Navy Seals weren’t well known after Vietnam even though they were kicking as.

I think maybe 40 people did the test and passed, they took three. The national record for mnual is 5 minutes. However I doubt I can bench more than 65lbs. Pass appropriate medical examination: He got 12 points overall. Mznual personnel perform individual close quarter battle CQB and detainee handling which may require the individual to: The Green Berets were all the craze because of some articles and movies. I do believe you missed the Kilograms part of the 65 kilograms minimum bench. That is extremely fast.


There was a time the SAS were pretty low key too.

Joint Task Force Two (JTF 2)

Yeah but with them you get a pool! I totally didn’t even see that the distance was posted in miles Bytotal manpower was approximately personnel Day,and comprised of:. Some of ditness metrics don’t seem to align very well. Girls were hitting 16 point range at max going by this chart, except for a few of the girls who were keeping up with us guys.

I worked with a guy who said he could do it, so we made him try the phisical over lunch break.

The journey to becoming a member of JTF 2 is not easy, and training is rigorous and highly selective, but the courage and strength individuals will gain as a candidate will stay with them for their entire life. I started exercising 2 years ago, and don’t even use a particularly grueling routine or anything, I spend a total of 4. The operations squadron; One of the multiple sabre squadrons with multiple troops ; The combat support squadron; The combat service support squadron; or The training squadron.