In its secret report, never made public in Pakistan the commission, headed by then Chief Justice of Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman, held widespread atrocities. The report of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission (HRC) set up by president Z.A. Bhutto in to inquire into the Pakistani debacle in East. with the original report’s outcome, Hamoodur Rahman Commission. Supplementary the then Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan as its head . The.

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When asked about his weakness for the fair sex, he replied, “I say no. It was mandate to have a collective responsibility of national defence and mechanism of plans based on a joint objectives.

General Niazi’s conduct of waras also his final decision to surrender, have, therefore, to be judged in this light. We also took note of the various efforts made by India to internationalise the refugee problem which had arisen as a result of the exodus of people from East Pakistan to India in the wake of the military action.

On the basis of the evidence coming before the Commission, we have been able to indicate only in general terms the direct and indirect responsibility of certain senior commanders and others, but the question of fixing individual responsibility and awarding punishment appropriate thereto need to be determined according to the prescribed procedures available under the Pakistan Army Act and other applicable laws of the land.

Niazi was himself a raper, how could they be stopped. A new aggravating factor made its appearance in East Pakistan in the wake of the military action of the 25th of Marchwhen units of the Pakistan Army undertook “sweep operations” throughout the Province to deal with the Awami League insurgents.

Keeping in view these factors and circumstances we have examined the individual performance and conduct rzhman these senior officers, as will be apparent from the relevant portions of the Main Report and this Supplement where we have narrated at some length the military events as they ahmoodur from day-to-day and we have come to the conclusion that adverse comment reflecting on theory of suitability for continued retention in military service would not be justified.

It is possible that there may have been other instances of 37 casualties inflicted during the disarming of East Pakistani personnel.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

The impression created on the mind of the West Pakistani civilian officials, then serving in East Pakistan, has been stated thus by Mr. On reaching the headquarters he saw a large number of vehicles parked there. Earth and Planetary Sciences.


Gen Rtd Altaf Qadir and Mr.

Muktijuddho e-Archive Artistic depictions Awards and decorations. It had submitted its report to the then President of Pakistan on the 12th July, Leaders Rajman Military M.

Provocation of the Army 7.

The full report was thought to be declassified by the government inalong with other reports concerning the year of While undoubtedly the responsibility for these failures lies with the Commander, Eastern Command, GHQ cannot escape its responsibility, as the plan had been approved by it.

Gen Niazi; ii That he willfully collaborated with, and assisted, the Commander, Eastern Command, in sending unduly pessimistic and alarming reports and signals to GHQ with a view to elicit permission to surrender, as he had also lost the will to fight owing to his culpable negligence and failure in the performance of his professional duties as the Chief of Staff of the Eastern Command; iii That he showed culpable disregard of sound principles of planning for the war in that he excluded the Commanders of the supporting arms like signals, engineers, logistics, medical, etc.

We believe that the object of setting up this Commission would be fully realised only of appropriate and early action is taken by the Government on these recommendation.

Ansari, ex-Comd, 23 Bde, Div – This officer assumed command of 23 Bde on the 14th of November and was responsible for the civil districts of Rangpur and Dinajpur, except the small area of Hilli which was under the control of Bde. Unfortunately, the delay in opening the Western front and the half-hearted and hesitant manner in which it was ultimately opened only helped in precipitating the catastrophe in East Pakistan. Humanities and Social Sciences.

I remember the first picture of the new Cabinet.

Full text of “Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report about East Pakistan Bangladesh Debacle”

Qutubuddin Aziz, between 25andpersons were slaughtered during this period by the Awami League militants. At one level, the discussion on the report has centred on the actual happenings in Raina Sartaj Singh J.

Farman Ali advised Lt. Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States: They both drove to Headquarters of Eastern Command to meet Lt.

Dacca was to be defended at all costs by being made into a fortress, as it was the lynch-pin, both politically and militarily. The words “Case against Mr Toha and others,” appearing rahmxn the same page, do support Maj.


He paid Rs to Islamia Press, Dacca, and this payment was within the knowledge of the Military Secretary to the Governor, who has also been repatriated to Pakistan. Baqir Siddiqui displayed willful neglect in the matter of the execution of denial plans, with the result that large quantities of valuable war materials, equipment, installations, arms and ammunition were delivered intact to the Indians at the time of surrender.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission report unsettles Pakistan, raises demands for probe into Kargil

Brig Mohammad Hay at, former Comd. According to various estimates mentioned by Mr. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In the preceding two chapters of the Supplementary Report, we have offered further observations on these aspects and have commented upon the conduct of certain Army Officers posted in East Pakistan.

Jehanzeb and Brig Hayatullah. We are satisfied with the explanation rendered by Maj.

We were informed that in several cases disciplinary action by way of Courts of Inquiries was initiated but the cases could not be finalised for one reasons or the other before the surrender on the 16th of December Gen Niazi did not, of course, 16 accept having made any such statement and asserted that “whatever we took we gave a chit so namoodur civil government should pay uustice that.

A perusal of this document leave no doubt in our mind that it was indeed in the nature of a writing pad or table diary on which the General made miscellaneous notes during course of his work.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

We also added some other points which needed to be looked into in this behalf. As the Government of Bangladesh has been recognised by Pakistan, it may be feasible to request the Dacca authorities to forward to this Court of Inquiry whatever evidence may be available with them. Akhira Golaghat Jathibhanga Kaliganj. Families of West Pakistani officers and other ranks serving with East Bengal units were subjected to inhuman treatment, and a large number of West Pakistani officers were butchered by the erstwhile Bengali colleagues.

Fiction, Drama and Poetry. The fresh evidence recorded by us has only served to strengthen this conclusion as to the intentions of Gen.