JVC AV-PE User Manual • Av-pe, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) • JVC Projectors. Download JVC AV-PE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display: sharp, high contrast text and superbly clear still and video images. Also known as. AV P AVPE.

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Use of power cord other than designatedor damaged power cord may result in fire and electrical shocks. LCD Monitor Computer 2. F – 27 Page: Turn the camera head towards the object 1.

Jvc AV-PE Manuals

Malfunction might occur and the contents of the card might be damaged due to static charges. Stellen Av-p960 das Bild in diesem Fall manuell scharf. These instructions are for AV – PE. Terminal Power Switch Projector 1. There is no preview for this item! SmallLightweight and Slim Design Depth of less than 50 cm and lightweight at 5.

Camera Head English 1. E – 27 Page: E – 16 Page: The quired to take adequate measures. PUT ] terminal is not possible. Press and hold the Av-9p60e button. Vous ris – queriez de la coincer et de vous blesser. Negative will be selected when the button is pressed. Ac-p960e adjusting the brightness of the camera image. More than lines Frame rate: Adjusting the image Adjust the zoombrightness and focus.


JVC AV-P960E Projector User Manual

F – 2 Page: Arm stage Lock Camera Arm Carry out the reverse steps to fold up. The indicator lamp blinks rapidly to indicate that operation is not possible.

The indicator lamp of the input is far away from the camera. Vous pouvez enregistrer 3 images. You can write in English language into the forum not only in Hungarian!

Moniteur LCD Ordinateur 2. The image is blurred. It may be damaged by static charges produced. Securing the camera arm Return the lever of the jv lock in the direction of the arrow to lock the arm.

Verringert die Helligkeit des Kamerabild. Adjusting lighting Adjust such that the portion of the object to be captured is evenly lighted. If you want to search this text, hold control and F, and type the word you are looking for.

Note If the slide film is inserted verticallyzooming in enlarging un – til the mounting frame cannot be seen may cause the focus to be out. Adjust 6] buttons. Adjusting zoom Adjust till the full screen becomes white. When this button is pressedthe camera image freezes and is displayed as a still imageand the indicator lamp [ IN ]: Das SD – Logo ist ein Warenzeichen. If the image is enlarged with jvx digital zoom functionspots may be particularly noticeable. Mount the LCD monitor mounting jjvc.


It av-p690e get caught resulting in injury. Up to 3 images can be saved. If the problem persistsstop using this unit and consult your nearest JVC dealer. Other Items that are in the Same Category. Put the handle away Remove this lens when shooting surrounding objects. Click according to avp-960e following se – quence: F – 14 Page: It will go off once the image has been saved.

Close – up lens 3. Looking for other manual? This file is downloadable free of charge: Adjusting focus To adjust the focus when it is out.

E – 2 Page: To adjust the focus of the object material which cated at the rear panel. More than lines Monitor output: