Read Kaholo 14 (kit) reviews, specs, & where to buy – “As a build it your own kit I There are no other SUP boards in the world that are easier for a first-time. Kaholo SUP series. About Us. The Kaholo series Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) are designed for cruising, touring, fitness and recreational racing. They are a. I picked up a copy of Wooden Boat magazine, which contained an article on how to build the Kaholo, a wooden stand up paddleboard (SUP).

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If you are visiting for the first time you will want to start from the beginning kahol follow the build sequence from the bottom up.

This black self-adhesive foam sticks to the paddleboard deck to improve traction and provide cushioning to protect your knees. I have progressed enough with the build to have sheathed the first boat hull with 4 0z fiberglass cloth and three coats of epoxy. Annapolis Wherry MD Sep If taking a walk is healthy, taking a walk on water is healthy AND the view is better.

The decks have been attached and sanding completed. Plans or kit which included epoxy and fiberglass was a joy to build especially if you’re the type who gets a kick out of building something and riding it.

Once I got the wood closer to plan dimension it was easier. Lots of sanding to come. The plans for the Kaholo contain full-size drawings for every part. I should be able to epoxy the deck after sanding the hull of boat number 1.

Working with surfing and paddleboard guru Larry Froley of Gray Whale Trading in California, John created a board with that rare quality of being su; enough to race but stable enough for first-timers. This is intended for pre-build study or to help with the decision to purchase. You can see more, see further, and in clear water you have a much better view of sea life than you do in a kayak. Harken Boat Hoist Easy overhead storage access for your board or boat.


But you don’t give up one bit of performance if you build your own Kaholo! Read reviews for the Kaholo 14 kit by Chesapeake Light Craft as submitted by your fellow paddlers. After hours of sanding the hull got a 4 oz fiberglass cloth covering.

Kits include premium nonskid deck pads, cut to shape, breather tubes, and custom laminated skegs. I suffered through the day of use until finished and after licking my wounds decided to try a different wire option in the future.

The twin-fin allows easy paddling in kelp, weed or exploring shallows; much less chance of fin su; or a face-plant! About Advertise Legal Privacy Contact. The work table cleared and shp for the next step. This is the comprehensive manual that accompanies the kit; reading it will help you decide whether or not you can build the board.

Kaholo Stand-Up Paddleboard – Fyne Boat Kits

Kaholo 14 kit Description With its uncanny speed, the Kaholo 14 has found a following among racers. But a little faster. Kaholo 14 kit Specifications Seating Configuration: Chesapeake Light Craft Kaholo 14 kit Reviews.

It was easy to build and a very fun project. Sassafras Canoe ME Jul This is my SUP.

Where to Buy the Kaholo 14 kit Buy Direct. Beginners often like the harder tracking, but as a paddler becomes more proficient, they will appreciate the greater control with the twin-fins! Seams are faired in with more epoxy and fiberglass cloth.

Paddleboards & Surfing ยป Stand-Up Paddleboards

The Kaholos are okoume marine plywood, stitched-and-glued together and sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy, with a grid of bulkheads and stiffeners inside to make the boards stiff and light. From a practical perspective, twin-fin boards can be laid on the ground deck-up when gearing up for a paddle; a single-fin deck-up on the ground is VERY vulnerable to fin damage or, more importantly, hull damage!


I figured I would fall off before I even got on it.

I have paddled and raced the Kaholo 14 for many years, in most all conditions, from confused seas, side seas, wind storms, downwind races, etc.

The comprehensive instruction manual suggests ways to customize your board with fabrics and other stylish tweaks, as seen in the photo gallery. It’s also a major workoutevery muscle in your body is at work as you ride over waves and work the long-handled SUP paddle.

Cleaned up and ready to install. All Types Vinyl Lettering. I spent a full day with the stitching and found it an unpleasant task. Plastic sheeting separates the panels from the table top and each other. Scott Mestrezat built laholo paddled a Kaholo 14 miles the length of the Missouri River.

For recreational paddling, cruising and exercise, from about to over My wife rides the 12’6″ which is perfect for her 5′ height and sometimes can carry the dog. The foot version of the paddleboard is better for larger paddlers or those accompanied by dogs or small children.

Kaholo 14 (kit)

Kaholo Building Manual Only view contents. With their uncanny speed, the Kaholo and Kaholo 14 have found a following among racers. Kaholo Stand-Up Paddleboard Configurations: I also struggled with fitting the bow, but finally had good success after removing all the bow stitching twice and planning off more of the wood.

The comprehensive instruction manual suggests ways to customize your board with fabrics and other stylish tweaks.