It is known as Kakawin Ramayana, as it is in kakawin meter in Old Javanese language. At the time, Buddhism was dominant in Sumatra, West. Kakawin Ramayan is the old Javanese version of the Indian epic Ramayan, a story of triumph of good over evil. Rakamien means The Glory of Ram is. The Ramayana in the Literature and Visual Arts of Indonesia Andrea Acri, H.M. (evidently) a dominant theme in the Ramayana Kakawin with the occurrence of.

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The audience hall was cleansed with cow-dung and fragrant grains was strewn [over the floor].

He wants only that an outstanding person shall be the groom, powerful, virtuous and of good lineage. As the time of the coronation ceremonies came near, Queen Kekayl was ill at ease. Those already mentioned may perhaps be added the discourse of Wibhisana in the audience hall concerning the naya sadguna six constituents of policy and jarianu- raga.

The care of the king towards me is limitless, therefore I will not disobey [his orders]. B rupa nya magSA. Turning to a smaller kakaawin of people and institutions much concerned with my work on the Ramayana Kakawin, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to Professor A-H.

Daylight was ramagana gone, nightfall arrived. For one or another reason it seems that his intention never materializes. He was addressed by all his subjects as well as by his mother.

The beautiful kakawun together with prince Suramabhadra [the most handsome Rama], after kalawin fully dressed [and] with fragrant flowers, came forward to pay obeisance to the two kings. I have translated the text anew in Calon-Arang, si Janda dan G’rah, p. Those who can get access to it consist only of a selected few, and whoever works on an article or translation or something else, always turns to K’s text, in most cases without any doubt whatsoever concerning the imperfections of the text-edition.


Shrutakirti – Wikipedia

The man who is perfectly moral cannot possibly hurt anything or anybody. You should look after monasteries, holy domains, and temples. Thus were his words kkakawin abuse towards Kekayi, he did not want to be crowned king.

Like red wax was its radiance and looked as if its rays melt into water. K’s reading of this word is waruna, J seems to read waruga also. Then I will let loose the rasa. In my paper presented at the International Seminar on the Ramayana, in Decemberin New Delhi 2I argued that the main story and material of the Ramayana Kakawin might already be very popular throughout the king- dom of Balitun, which means in Central as well as East Jawa.

BDK sojav ta maharsi, ‘[Rama] is still young and inexperienced, he has never fought [before], he has not yet faced an enemy, but if [you think] he could protect you, it is up to you, I have no objection. He goes along with Rsghawa, unlimited is his devotion. Thus were his excellent words, as an expression of his firm and good heart.

Being jealous is characteris- tic, nf a devoted wife. If it is true, then we can see that Prapanca is the puputut tan wrih deya of the Nirarthaprakreta who once lived in Kamalasana or Kancana on the banks of the Kali Mas 5. The punctuation is confusing and irregular. The first part of the stanza in the Nag.

Full text of “Ramayana Kakawin Vol. 1”

I feel I have to explain further about my findings about the problem con- cerned- As I have hinted before, all my predecessors in the translation of the RK have not done it completely and only one of them has ever edited the text, namely Kern. Tn the evening some four people can join together and read the Bhagavata, the Ramayana, etc.


A i atari hana pwa taya. His bed was cool, soft and smooth, his body was anointed with cream made of grounded roots and sandalwood, but these had no effect at all, it could not bring his temperature down, he felt his body was hot all over.


Like clouds giving rain was his equal when he gave away alms to blind, needy and humble people, moreover to the ascetics and religious teachers. Spelling and translation however are mine.

Then we meet with a note on one of this word, kakwin refers to p. MasS sira ri sari naradhipa maha mamighnana don, pininta nira sari narendrasuta Rama munggeri alas, anak nira atah ya ratwa kaharep nirari Kekayl, gelana ta narendra sari Dasarathasa kepwan sira. It is suffice for this time to tamayana the extent of relationship between them.


As he did not find him, he just pressed on unwearily, and arrived at a flawless and sacred river, the wellknown river, Gariga, pure and white like the crystals of candrakan ta stones- Likewise was the mind of Bharata, truly devoted to his older brother.

The highest love is the love that is sexless, for it is perfect unity that is expressed in the highest love, and sex differentiates bodies. Umeh nira teka sasarisaya mulat ta sari Laksmana, waliri nira musuh dateri r-adegaken ta larikap nira, senaddha pinasuk nirari kawaca yatna dhlrariadeg, alis nira ya cala marferiu lalata kumrutakena.