The Filipino martial arts (kali, escrima, arnis) teach weapons first, after which come the empty-hand techniques. Although it may seem backward to some martial. Buy Escrima Sticks Online and Get a Free Gift! Escrima – Arnis – Filipino Martial Arts. creditcards Escrima; Arnis; Eskrima; Kali; Knife Fighting. You can see. In the Philippines, escrima is a style similar to sword fighting and is sometimes referred to as Kali or Arnis de Mano. While it may sound like a simple thing to be .

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This has made attempts to trace the lineage of a practitioner difficult. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Contrary to the view of some modern historians that it was only guns that won the Philippine revolutionaries against the Spaniardsblades also played escria large part.

Solid Aluminum Hexagon Escrima. Arnis competitions uses foam-padded sticks about an inch in diameter with thin rattan cores roughly a centimeter in diameter. Rattan Red and Black Escrima. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Eskrima. This site however, is very user friendly. Such pressure may be delivered in the form of a heel smash, a toe kick, a stomp, or a knee.

NYC Kali Escrima

If you are new to Filipino Martial Arts, you may not know that there is more than one way to describe these martial arts. For this reason, Arnis tends to favor extreme caution, always considering the possibility of a failed technique or an unexpected knife. The Villabrille and San Miguel styles are usually taught in this way.


In rural areas throughout the Philippines today, modern Arnis matches are still held in dueling arenas. Hitting below the thigh is prohibited.

Ateneo de Manila University Press,page Mallari July 14, Kuntaw and Silat are separate martial arts that are also practiced in the Philippine Archipelago.

Escrima Sticks – Arnis – Filipino Martial Arts

This is a very difficult method of training that our students have to steadily work their skill level up to, but we believe that the more mistakes our students make in the training hall, the fewer mistakes they will make outside where it really counts.

The Arnis instructors designated by Senator Mercado were informally called the “Mercado boys”. Escrima Arnis Eskrima Kali Knife Fighting You can see that some of our Filipino terms are even spelled differently, which most likely originates from how each escrima instructor, or guro, taught their martial arts in the Philippines.

Several classes of exercises, such as sombradacontradasinawalihubud-lubud and sequidasinitially presented to the public as a set of organized drills by the Inosanto school, are kalu designed to allow mali to move quickly and experiment with variations while remaining safe. However, fights can easily come down to an unrealistic attack from an unskilled fighter who impresses judges with many body hits after taking two or three clear, strong hits to the hands and head.

Older styles gave each angle a name, but more ewcrima systems tend to klai number them. Some Arnisadors hold that Lapu-Lapu’s men killed Magellan in a sword-fight, though historical evidence proves otherwise.

These sticks are meant to break before serious injury occurs. Mallari July 5, Because of Doble Baston double weapons or Espada y Daga sword and parrying dagger ambidextrous weapon muscle memory conditioning, Eskrima practitioners find it easy to use the off-hand actively once they transition from using it with a weapon to an empty hand.


Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. This not always the case though, as some systems of Arnis start with and at times only consist of empty hands fighting.

Arnis students start their instruction by learning to fight with weapons, and only advance to empty-hand training once the stick and knife techniques have been sufficiently mastered. National symbols of the Philippines.

Escrima Sticks

Click Here for Hickory Sticks. The practicality of it’s training can enhance the practitioner’s single and double stick skills; providing an essential link in any Eskrimador’s progression.

The only eyewitness account of the battle by chronicler, Antonio Pigafettatells that Magellan was stabbed in the face and the arm with spears and overwhelmed by multiple warriors who hacked and stabbed jali him:. In another variation that simulates knife fights, competitors use false blades edged with lipstick to mark where an opponent has been struck. Audit Civil Service Elections.

Many practitioners refer to these martial arts styles interchangeably with generic terms such as: