TOYAMA, Kanken. () Shudokan. Kanken was a Japanese schoolteacher and karate master, who developed the foundation for the Shudokan karate. Kanken Toyama 寛著遠山 was born of noble birth in Shuri, Okinawa on 24 September (Meiji 明治21). His name at birth was Kanken Oyadamari 寛著 親泊. Master Toyama started his karate training at the age of 9 with a master named Itarashiki. He later studied with Yasutsune Itosu for 18 years, and became one of .

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Kanken Toyama

Karate training with Shinpan Gusukuma sensei at Shuri Castle c. In other words, it is the real, orthodox Karate of Okinawa.

This Japanese biographical article related to martial arts is a stub. The methods of training, techniques and successes can only be achieved through sheer ability! I asked him about his ideology concerning the meaning of Goju-ryu when I spoke with him at the Naha Commercial School in October of This difference can also be considered natural, based on the methods of training and of the steady progress one makes during training.

He explained to me that he wanted to express the whole nature of Karate in as simple terms as possible for those people who had no true knowledge or understanding of karate.


Retrieved from ” https: Later, he apprenticed himself to Anko Itosu, who then became his primary teacher and was his greatest inspiration. Karate molds an individual to be the only object of defense or offense and, through this, it teaches the basic concept of self-protection.

An official gave Toyama the title of master instructor. Member feedback about JKF Renbukai: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Lanken in November topic This is a list of deaths in November It is one of the oldest karate organizations in existence.

Styles of Karate (pt.2) – by Kanken Toyama

Under his ttoyama, Miyagi underwent a very long and arduous period of training. Individual entries list each person’s name, years of birth and death as appropriateand main karate style s. He received promotion to lieutenant, but to subsequent students, he was often known as gunso, or sergeant. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In the strictest classification of these styles, Goju-ryu is included in Shito-ryu.

He had three brothers, three sisters, and three half-sisters. List of karateka includes notable practitioners of karate, listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Toyaam began his tode karate study under Nagahama Chikudun Pechin. Recently, some Karate-men have used funny and strange sounding names for their own styles of Karate. He was an outstanding trainee of Mr. There is very little difference in the position of the open hand or fist in the above mentioned methods. Shorei-ryu, Goju-ryu and Shito-ryu are other styles that are very closely related and this will be discussed.


His training with Higaonna was interrupted for a two-year period while Miyagi completed his military service, —, in Miyakonojo, Miyazaki. In addition, Toyama had been a regular course graduate of the Okinawa Teachers College, while Funakoshi only completed the rapid completion one-year course.

How many styles does Karate have? In early he returned to Japan and on March 20,he opened his first dojo in Tokyo.

Kanken Toyama: Master of Karate Jutsu

It functions as a social fraternal order. Leave a Reply Cancel kankwn Enter your comment here Member feedback about Kim Ki Whang: He became captain of the team, earned the nickname “Typhoon” and earned a fourth degree Black Belt rank in this style.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Jidokwan meaning the ‘Hall or Institute for Wisdom’s Way’.