Best Collection of Telugu. books — voters I never read a Telugu story book except for academic purposes. Read Kanyasulkam Telugu Gurajada Apparao book reviews & author details and more at Kanyasulkam Telugu Novel By Gurajada Apparao. kanyasulkam – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or modern, progressive Telugu play, Kanyasulkam, authored in the last decade of the This is a work of social protest in fiction, against an age–old practice of.

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Madhu 26 December In this setting, the play implies that the norm at least for Brahmins in s was opposite in North Andhra i. Madhuravani, the muse of Girisam during the beginning of the play, and that noveel Ramappa Panthulu in the rest of the play, is portrayed as a very righteous, wise, magnanimous and able woman who is willing to even bend over backwards to help someone in need.

Telugu Literature – తెలుగు సాహిత్యం: KanyaSulkam

This practice becomes super evil when girls are married off by their parents to much older grooms for money. A number of expressions used by Gurazada in this play are still popular in modern-day Telugu.

His English preface to the tellugu edition states: I was assigned to read this for school, but I had a good time reading it. This is one powerful book, which really made me think about certain issues.

కన్యాశుల్కము [Kanyasulkamu] by Gurazada Apparao

That’s ‘Kanyasulkamu’ for you. Balaji Marisetti rated it really liked it Mar 02, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The play also depicts, amusingly, the practices of orthodox Brahmins, such as Madiwith a particular character in the play even shrivelling away from everyone and everything like a touch-me-not, lest he might lose his sanctity. Highly irreverent and ambiguous, it has been embraced by just about every Indian political movement. When I say it, I mean it in the truest sense of the word.

This book probably won’t appeal to people lacking Indian cultural context because there are so many subtle things in the play about caste system, rural life and colonial India.


All the characters stick in the back of your mind and its hard to forget madhuravani or gireesam. Phanideep Prayaga rated it it was ok Mar 19, Thoroughly surprised by the impact of British society on villages and people that have never even seen an Englishman in their lives. Sep 09, Teja Pasupuleti rated it liked it.

Oct 02, Sravani rated it it was amazing. This way the play sought to take on the prejudices and practices of contemporary Indian society head-on.

For those of you who think the movie would do instead of the book, let me tell u that the movie got the point entirely wrong. Quite a few people were taken aback by the title — Girls for Sale. Lists with This Book. I always thought Kanyasulkam was a practice in all castes, was surprised to know it was a practice only in the well-learned caste — Brahmins. Even though published hundred years back it still has characters which we see daily.

The practice of parents arranging the marriages of their pre-pubescent daughters to old men for cash was very prevalent during those days, and was referred to popularly as Kanyasulkamliterally meaning “money in lieu for a girl”, which also forms the title of the play.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He claims to be a progressionist, but claiming is all he does.

Controversial in its time, knayasulkam play continues to be one of the most popular Telugu literary works of all time. This play revolves around the marriage of Subbi whose father arranges her marriage to a much older groom, for money. The play includes a few gut-wrenching scenes such as one where Agnihothravadhanulu, an egoisticmale-chauvinistic Brahmin and a key player in the play, barbarically slams his food plate onto the face of his young, widowed daughter, when she requests that he reconsider his decision to marry his pre-pubescent daughter to an old man.

The play also has numerous lighter moments, notably regarding the marriage of the stingy old man, Lubdhavadhanulu. Numerous interesting characters spring up during various points of the play, such as the widowed owner of a local food court, referred to as Pootakoolla ‘Munda’ the word in quotes being an offensive word for a widow, originating from ‘Mundan’, meaning shaving, in Sanskrit and Telugu, because during that period, a woman had to kanyasupkam her hair off after her husband’s deaththe debauched and widowed daughter of Lubdhavadhanulu, Meenakshi, and the son of Lubdhavadhanulu.


I can relate to this very well because my grand mother was married at age 6 to 18 year old groom; and is now spending about three quarters of her life as a widow. Books by Gurazada Apparao. The book may be hard to follow if you are non-Indian, caste subtleties may novrl missed.

Gurazada wrote this play to raise awareness about what he felt was a scandalous state of affairs in society. May 29, Janardhan Prasad rated it liked it Shelves: A fantastic playwright and his humor is unmatched.

కన్యాశుల్కము [Kanyasulkamu]

Ramkrishna rated it liked it Nov 01, The play centers on Gireesam, an English -educated, resourceful but unscrupulous Vaidiki Brahmin man, and Madhura vani, a prostitute who takes her morals seriously. Nowhere found in online to purchase, Can anyone help me? This will take us to the olden days and kanyaulkam language dialect used in those days.

That is pretty much the kind of reading culture that I was exposed to and the kind of treatment Telugu got. He even has to perform some “religious cleansing” for the things someone touched before he can touch them.

Widow marriage was a taboo in Brahmin society and I think other castes just followed them blindly because they think Brahmins are the authority over religion and practicesso such girls lead a terrible life as a widow.

The play has nothing to do with the British; it is just set in Colonial India.