Prayers, selected by M P Pandit from writings by T. V. Kapali Sastry, and available as Sanskrit originals and their English translations. The first post contains four. Sri Sastry Study Circle. likes. Studies of the works of Sri Kapali Sastry. All those who aspire to learn the spiritual import of. Collected Works of Sastry: Volume 1 – The Book of Lights – 1 by T. V. Kapali Sastry. Volume – 1: The Book of Lights Lights on the Veda Further.

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Thus the Aitareya brahmana is associated with Rigveda Samhita which has only one recension.

Items Related to T. Yet on scrutiny of the inner meaning, it will become clear that the swearing, curse, censure, praise and the rest are related to the history of spiritual discipline in the inner life. While the Upanishads represent an attempt at recovering the jnana or knowledge portions of the Vedas, the Brahmanas represent an attempt at reinforcing the ritual aspect of the Vedas, the Tantra Sastra represents an attempt at preserving and expanding the esoteric or the occult part of the Veda.

There is a fundamental difference between eminence in other field such as science, technology and art, and attaining eminence in the.

T.V. Kapali Sastry Archives – AuroMaa

Samaveda Samhita It is a book of about metrical verses, all of which are in Rigveda Samhita except for 75 of them. Keep up the great work guys! The personal attraction was irresistible. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. TVK exited in after a brief illness. According to him the mantra called ‘brahman’ revealed itself to the rishis in tapas, askesis, not in any other way.


Finally he sasyry to Sri Ramana Ashram and stayed there for almost 18 months. Shankara does not mention that some of the famous mantras of Upanishads are already in the Veda Samhitas. There are two other important factors, the divine grace and t asstry gifts, carried over perhaps from the earlier births.

It has several interesting hymns dealing with society at large. He answers in detail the questions raised both the medieval critics as well as the moderns like Professor Radhakrishna. It sets SAKSIVC Page 10 of 28 Kapli Books MTM up a correspondence between the fire-altar and three planes or worlds kapaali the world of the physical matter bhuh, the world of the life-energies bhuvah and the world of the mental energies suvah.

His verse translation of the pose work of Sri Aurobindo, titled ‘The Mother’, is very useful. Agni in Kqpali Veda: Similar Isha or Ishavasya Upanishad which is made of only 20 verses is the last or fortieth chapter of the Shukla Yajurveda Samhita. But his close disciple D.

T.V. Kapali Sastry

Hide my email address. The Vedic rishis, though mainly devoted to spiritual discipline, were also well versed in the practice of occult knowledge and secret sciences.

In the deep and mystic style SAKSIVC Page 27 of 28 Veda Books of Dirghatamas as in the melodious lucidity of Medhatithi, in the puissant and energetic hymns of Vishvamitra as in Vasishtha’s even harmonies we have the same firm foundation of knowledge and the same scrupulous adherence to the sacred conventions of the Initiates” Sri Aurobindo.


Ramachandra Rao,p. They believed that outer results could be produced by inner means and that thought and word could be so used as to bring about the realizations of every kind. The info given here is due t xastry great savant Sri Swami Varasaranga Desika. The force carries through the words.

T. V. Kapali Sastry (His Spiritual Life in His Own Words)

Veda Knowledge in The Modern Context. I would have immediately touched her feet and offered her all my love, adoration and devotion because they are so beautiful, so soulful. Such a thing is almost unheard of in the spiritual history of India.

I highly recommend others to use this site. What a wonderful teacher! One of the brahmana book associated with this Samhita is called Talavakara, i. In the great adventure of reinterpreting veda-s to us along the lines of Sri Arobindo, Sri Kapali Sastry played a significant part. Too difficult even kapalk think of.

All Indian languages are full of epigrams or subhashitas good-sayings which reflect the many sided wisdom handed down by tradition. My Yoga aims at transformation of the whole being, not excluding the physical.