Katakolon is situated on the south-western part of Greece in Peloponnese. It is located 33km [miles] from Ancient Olympia the birth place of the Olympic. Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Port | Map | Locations Katakolon’s proximity to Ancient Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games, makes it a very popular. So I googled Katakolon but all it said was that it was a small port and beach town near the city of Pyrgos in the northwest Peloponessos. I looked on the map and.

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Be sure to get a receipt which drivers are required to give kayakolon law. It is not often that a Greek millionaire gives back to the community in such dramatic fashion. Or click the link below to see a full page view. The cruise port has capacity to handle larger ships at a dedicated pier.

Tourists on their holidays to Greece often disembark amp get a glimpse of Ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games are known to have been held in classical times. The site was dedicated to the thunder god Zeus and attracted visitors from all over the world. To arrange a visit to the Mercouri Estate, which also features an array of plants and animals, email them at Mercouri otenet.

I assumed it was some place in Turkey, maybe having something to do with Galipoli or maybe a city on the Black Sea.

Katakolon Map –

Yes it is confusing but you can phone and perhaps someone can help you make sense of it. In the same building you can also visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Instruments. The visitors have a lot of choices in order to fill their free time or to pass pleasantly their vacations. Make sure you visit the small but impressive archaelogical museum. For independent travelers there is a train from Katakolon to Olympia. There are not many reasons for a tourist to go to Pyrgos.


Katakolon’s proximity to Ancient Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games, makes it a very popular cruise stop. Region Mediterranean – Black Sea. This feature is integrated with the CruiseMapper’s cruise ship tracker tracking the vessels’ current positions at sea and in ports.

I had booked any excursion from the ship to Olympia. Been Here Before There is a small beach to the left of the pier if you to just want to hang out.

Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Port | Map | Locations

It works for the last years. Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions Click on symbol aktakolon identify what is at that location. There is an inner anchorage, deemed safe in most weathers. The population is less than My take-away from your post is not to follow the crowd. Marios the one of our two drivers that you are sitting next to him feels so proud every time tourists come and tell him that they have seen him on internet.

Today, it grows more than 15 varieties of grape of both Greek and international origin and produces 13 different wines, as well as olive oil. Wish we have the opportunity to give you many hugs Greek ones and ouzo for your nice gesture and your kind words for us!

Katakolon Map

They were doing the things people generally do in this situation, buying worry-beads and other gifts for friends back home, eating Mousska, and drinking. The famous thermal springs of Kastro Kyllini. Also nearby within walking distance is the sunken ancient city Pheia.


Developed by ATG Network. If you katakoolon on a cruise ship and it is on the itinerary and you have no interest in seeing Ancient Olympia it is a wonderful place to sit, eat, drink and people watch. Click for weather forecast.

My fiance and I will be honeymooning in Europe and Katakolon is one of our katakoolon on one of our cruise ships. So I googled Katakolon but all it said was that it was a small port and beach town near the city of Pyrgos in the northwest Peloponessos. Search hotels in Katakalon here Search hotels in Olympia here. Better beaches can be found within 30 minutes drive.

Thanks for your comment Hollie. There are also peacocks, cats, dogs, geese, and a goat.

Katakolon, Greece

Kaiafas Lake thermal springs, pine forest mqp sea. It was called the Beer Bike and sure enough each seat had pedals. After lunch, we still had time for one last stroll around Katakolon and a coffee in the cutest taverna, before sailing off again into the Mediterranean.

Did some research and decided to cancel definitely after this wonderful, informative post on Katakolo. Surrounded by 40 acres of vineyards, the Mercouri Winery is run by the fourth generation of the Mercoury family and is the second oldest estate in Greece.