Katakolon is situated on the south-western part of Greece in Peloponnese. It is located 33km [miles] from Ancient Olympia the birth place of the Olympic. Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Port | Map | Locations Katakolon’s proximity to Ancient Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games, makes it a very popular. So I googled Katakolon but all it said was that it was a small port and beach town near the city of Pyrgos in the northwest Peloponessos. I looked on the map and.

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It was founded by Kostas Kotsanas and holds about operating reconstructions of mechanisms and inventions of the ancient Greeks covering the period from BC to AD.

We only send out our newsletter about once a month and you can unsubscribe at any time. There is infrequent train service to Olympia which may be disrupted by strikes. Hope you have a great time in Katakolon and a lovely honeymoon! Your email address will not be published.

You can get a taxi for about ten euros though most katakloon in Katakolon katakolno rather take you somewhere they can make a lot more than ten euros. The train station is a small building by the tracks just past the edge of town.

The Lighthouse of Katakolon was first opened in Imagine the Empire State Building laying on its side in ktakolon middle of the Plaka and you have some idea of what the effect was on me.

The center of the town views the Ionian Sea and is located within a gulf Port Katakolon cruise ship schedule shows timetable calendars of all arrival and departure dates by month. There are also a lot of tourist friendly sites nearby including the Municipal Museum of Ancient Greek Technology and the Katakolon Lighthouse which was first unveiled in The port’s schedule lists all ships in links with cruises going to or leaving from Katakolon, Olympia, Greece.


The standard taxi fare is 43 Euros to Olympia.

Map of Region with Port, Airport and Attractions Click on symbol to identify what is at ktakolon location. If you lose the Katakolon location on the map, simply reload the page also with F5 button. A return train is available at 3pm. Along the harbour in Katakolon are restaurants, coffee shops and kaatkolon. You can also visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. Before the Games in Athens, two museums were opened adjacent to the ruins – the Olympia Archaeological Museum and the Olympic Games Museum, making the area even more appealing.

Katakolon Map

Better beaches can be found within 30 minutes drive. Being not so into ruins or spending the whole day on a shore excursion, we decided to skip Olympia altogether and explore Katakolon on our own. Olympia has a small town, the ancient site and a couple of museums. But if you have a night or two in Olympia then Katakolon and the surrounding area is worth a visit, especially if you have not had your fill of beach time. That was exactly my point — always do what you want, not what other people say you must do or see!

Maybe they just like surprises. Taxis are available at the port, but there are also a number of coach companies offering transfers with or without guides to Olympia, beaches and Chlemoutsi Castle.

WPS – Port of Katakolon satellite map

Katakolon today is the second most busy cruise port of Greece, after Piraeus port, according to recent statistics. It is not often that a Greek millionaire gives back to the community in such dramatic fashion. This feature is integrated with the CruiseMapper’s cruise ship tracker tracking the vessels’ current positions at sea and in ports.


If only for the views of the landscape and the Ionian Sea, this train ride is well worth taking. On the east side the Alfeios River and its tributary, the Kladeos, stretch out to one of the most significant archaeological sites in Katakoolon. Upon our arrival to Katakolon early in the morning we found our way to the small seaside town, where a horde of travel agents was expecting the cruise passengers with information about all kinds of tourist excursions and programs available from Katakolon.

Plus 7 random facts about myself. After a quick research, I must confess my expectations were not exactly high.

Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Port | Map | Locations

She was doing one of those cruises to the Greek islands on one of those massive cruise ships that hold thousands of people that can only go katakoolon ports large enough to handle them. Yes it is confusing but you can phone and perhaps someone can help you make sense of it. The visitors have a lot of choices in order to fill their free time or to pass pleasantly their vacations.

This is the place, where the Olympic games began back in BCE.

Katakolon’s proximity to Ancient Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games, makes it a very popular cruise stop. Tourists on their holidays to Greece often disembark to get a glimpse of Ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games are known to have been held in classical times. Thanks for your comment Hollie. Port and Berths GPS location –