Katakolon is situated on the south-western part of Greece in Peloponnese. It is located 33km [miles] from Ancient Olympia the birth place of the Olympic. Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Port | Map | Locations Katakolon’s proximity to Ancient Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games, makes it a very popular. So I googled Katakolon but all it said was that it was a small port and beach town near the city of Pyrgos in the northwest Peloponessos. I looked on the map and.

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I had to go and see it for karakolon. In the same building you can also visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Instruments. When I saw Katakolon was one of the stops on our Mediterranean Cruise itinerary last October, I had never heard about it and had katakilon idea what it was about.

There in the harbor, dwarfing everything around it, was the biggest cruise ship I had seen up close. We even got to experience a true Greek traffic jam, a.

From the moment we departed from Katakolon into the countryside, I felt we were entering real Greece — a country made of green hills ,ap valleys, vineyards and olive gropes, typical villages and crystal blue waters. We visited in late October but the day was really hot and sunny, so we came prepared with our swimming suits — and we were so happy that we did it!

mwp Cruise lines that visit Katakolon: The place is the most famous site that tells the history of the Greeks. Been Here Before There is a small beach to the left of the pier if you to just want to hang out.

The small port town is surrounded by low hills with forests. When we finally left the beach and got to the little tourist train, it was already so full I feared for a moment that we were going to be left behind in Agios Andreas.


The town is connected with Pyrgos and Olympia archaeological site via railway. They all are within kahakolon distance from the cruise port. Was the train easy to find?

You can unsubscribe at any time. It is not often that a Greek millionaire gives back to the community in such dramatic fashion. The famous Chemoutsi castle just 45min from Katakolon. Here there are some really wonderful sites to visit. But being a guy I like stuff like this and I wished I was there when there were two or three of these docked.


Thanks so much for your support! Unfortunately we arrived on a Sunday during a garbage strike that had been going on for a month so our time in Pyrgos was limited to however long it takes to race through the town with the windows rolled up and the AC on to keep the smell out.

Kaiafas Lake thermal springs, pine forest and sea. It kaatkolon called the Beer Bike and sure enough each seat had pedals.

| Main / Katakolon Cruise Port Guide

The Katakolon Port occupies the north-west part of the Peloponnese. Taxis are available at the port, but there are also a number of coach companies offering transfers with or without guides to Olympia, beaches and Chlemoutsi Castle. katakilon

I looked on the map and it dawned on me that Katakolon was the nearest port to Ancient Olympia. Not to imply that they are ignorant. Before the Games in Athens, two museums were opened adjacent to the ruins – the Katzkolon Archaeological Museum and the Olympic Games Museum, making the area even more appealing.

The small but important port of Katakolon is a favorite stop of kafakolon ships and liners which ply the waters of the Mediterranean coasts and the Ionian and Aegean seas.

But Pyrgos is known as the clothes shopping capital of the Peloponessos. It is not accidental that whoever passes little time here, after his departure the only thing that has in his mind it his return to Katakolon. It is the second busiest port in all of Greece, after Piraeus. If you are on a cruise ship and it is on the itinerary and you have no interest in seeing Ancient Olympia it is a wonderful place to sit, eat, drink and people watch.


How to spend a perfect day in Katakolon, Greece

I so enjoyed my time in Katakolon and still remember it fondly. My fiance and I will be honeymooning in Europe and Katakolon is one of our stops on one of our cruise ships.

There are also peacocks, cats, dogs, geese, and a goat. Apparently people come from all over to shop in the boutiques, ktaakolon stores and haberdasheries of Pyrgos where they can find the latest styles from Paris and Rome and wherever styles come from. My take-away from your post is not to follow the crowd. After a quick research, I must confess my expectations were not exactly high.

The attraction with top popularity is the Temple of Zeus. We had local olives and garlic bread, and then a Greek salad for me and the grilled octopus for my boyfriend, all accompanied by Greek beer. I had booked any excursion from the ship to Olympia. You can get a taxi for about ten euros though most taxis in Katakolon would rather take you somewhere they can make a lot more than katakollon euros.

Better beaches can be found within 30 minutes drive. Olympia has a small town, the ancient site and a couple of museums.