Developed in the midst of the ideological and practical struggles of the s by activist‐scholar Maulana Karenga, Kawaida understands itself. And we use it to address critical issues of our time in this year’s 34th Annual Seminar in Kawaida Social Theory and Practice, July Kawaida Theory: An African Communitarian Philosophy [Maulana Karenga] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In addition to being standards of excellence, the Nguzo Saba are also categories of priorities and categories of human possibilities. Its been an honor to participate in your admirable work. Eventually, I graduated from college, returned to Chicago, and developed a strong interest in the African martial arts.

The capoeirista may launch a kick to the head that misses, move into a ground position to give the impression of kawaidda defensive, and launch another kick or sweep from the ground in the opposite direction. It was created and defined by Maulana Karenga during the height of black pride and self-awareness that characterized the Black Power movement in Preview — Kawaida Theory by Maulana Karenga.

Talk about your life and martial arts experiences? Have you created a personal profile? Thus, Kawaida is, in fact, a continuous dialog with African culture, asking questions and seeking answers to central and enduring concerns of the African and human community. The Ginga is central to the body mechanics needed for proper power generation when striking. The first enables a fuller realization of and engagement with our humanity. Kawaida The philosophy of the cultural nationalist theory and movement called kawaida a Swahili word meaning “tradition” or “reason,” pronounced ka-wa-EE-da is a synthesis of nationalist, pan-Africanist, and socialist ideologies.


They seek the skills, knowledge, and resources that are consistent with the expression of these values in the world.

Philosophy, Principles, and Program

Thus, reasoning with and cajoling people kawakda acting in a manner that we deem is appropriate will only be effective with some, but not all. In fact there have been at least two television shows dedicated to this quest. In the late s he became head of the Temple of Kawaida in Newark, New Jerseywhich taught African religionsand he played a key role in the creation of Kawaida Towers, a lowand middle-income housing project in Newark, during the early s.

I know that some people say that these are not parasites, they are simply wayward warriors and the like. We must convince ourselves that life in a non-growing economy can be fulfilling, interesting, and secure. It has to be seen or experienced. Second, may be the increasing heterogeneity of the visible martial arts scene.

I think that this is related to several broader thrusts. It is quite apparent that these crises each have the capacity to threaten the survival of the human species in general, and Africans in particular.

It should be noted that no culture can be adopted by any group without some degree of transformation and adaption from its original to its new form.

Michael Strode marked it as to-read Mar 25, First, many of kawaira on-line discussion forums focused on the African arts have de-evolved into extremely divisive discussions regarding authenticity, or have taken on a very fundamentalist bent.

Forty years ago people knew about martial arts coming form China and Japan, but they may not have known about much beyond that. Many people go out hteory their way to avoid thinking at all costs.


However, I do believe that it is absolutely necessary that we build a global network around the African martial arts. The philosophy evolved in the context of the black freedom movement, especially the Far too many of us have made vacuous investments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Modern Language Association http: So yes, an African-Centered Sociology can indeed inform how we might address our basic problems. One very prominent example is the soaring ttheory rate among kawaaida African American males. It is fair to say that I had an acute awareness of the need to be capable of defending oneself based on my years in Chicago.

However, we can do this in a civilized fashion. Moreover, this was my first introduction to combat theory. Mestre Preto Velho, Baba Balogun, and others have expressed this sentiment.

Kawaida Theory: An African Communitarian Philosophy

What seems to have the greatest capacity to regulate human behavior is culture. Clearly this is problematic. For instance, Capoeira is an art that uses semi-perpetual motion in the form of the Ginga to generate linear and lateral energy. Siyi Chu marked it as to-read Aug 13, Suffice it to say, I would be immensely supportive of such an initiative. On the other hand, we are obsessed with cosmic catastrophes: