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This is not that story. The Conservatives held onto the government through four successful parliamentary votes, including one to censure the previous King government, but they lost a fifth vote.

Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. Although many Conservatives privately preferred an election, Meighen believed he was bound by honour and convention to accept Byng’s invitation. In The Canadian Encyclopedia. Mackenzie King won a majority government.

But Meighen did not take this approach. Arthur Meighen and his Conservatives formed a minority government. Byng declined King’s advice. The Statute of Westminster, signed infurther made it clear that Canada had legislative independence from the British Parliament.

King-Byng Affair

June 29, Byng instead asked the opposition Conservatives—the largest single party in the House—to form a government under Arthur Meighen. After a motion that the House adjourn, put forward by a Progressive member at King’s behest, was subsequently also voted down, King announced that he would accept Fansher’s filensme and secured an adjournment.


Accessed 31 December In the United Kingdom inthe Lascelles Principles expressed the relevant constitutional conventions in the matter, in king-bnyg the King-Byng controversy served as one of the underlying precedents. A Progressive MP, W. As Canada celebrates its th birthday on July 1st, we take a new look at some of the events that our collective conscious has decreed as disasters, and find the surprising upsides. However, Labour MP J.

William Lyon Mackenzie King: The affair began with the 29 October federal election which returned LiberalsConservatives and 28 ProgressivesLabour and Independents to Parliament. Meighen thus formed a new Cabinet. filenae

King–Byng affair

King’s Minority Government The affair began with the 29 October federal election which returned LiberalsConservatives and 28 ProgressivesKing-bynt and Independents to Parliament. Meighen subsequently requested a dissolution of parliament, which was granted by Byng, and an election was called.

Article by Eugene A. The new House, largely due to the support of the Progressives, backed the minority Liberal government. This further alienated the members of the Progressive Party.

The King—Byng affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis that occurred inwhen the Governor General of Canadathe Lord Byng of Vimyrefused a request by his prime ministerWilliam Lyon Mackenzie Kingto dissolve parliament and call a general election. Mackenzie King was outraged; he railed against Byng for having the gall to reject the advice of an elected leader.

Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is still considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and the example everyone turns to when serious drama breaks out in Parliament. If the Governor-General had granted the request, he would have become an accomplice in a flagrant act of contempt for Parliament. A few months later, one of King’s appointees in the Department of Customs klng-byng Excise was revealed to have taken bribes, after which the Conservatives alleged that the corruption extended to the highest levels of government, including the prime minister.


Fansher, then proposed that a Royal Commission be combined with the original motion of censure. Letter requesting resolution to the King—Byng Affair.

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Upon returning to power, King’s government sought at an imperial conference to redefine the role of the governor general as a personal representative of the sovereign in his Canadian council and fileanme of the British government the king in his British council. Find National Post on Facebook. He gave up his own seat, but named fellow Conservatives as acting ministers, or ministers without portfolio, meaning, in his view, that they did not need to dilename.

I forgot my password. Forsey, The Filena,e Encyclopedias. Everyone knows a bad reno story. The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial Conference ofwhich began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report declaration that Britain and the Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status. Queen’s Printer for New Zealandretrieved 6 December It clarified the powers of Dominion parliaments and granted the Dominions full legal freedom except in those areas where they chose to remain subordinate.

This posed a problem for Meighen: General and Kng-byng General. King’s Liberals won a plurality of seats in the House of Commons, while Meighen lost his seat.