Kingsblood Royal, by Sinclair Lewis, free ebook. He was a junior bank officer named Neil Kingsblood, recently a captain of infantry. On their way north, after. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this. Kingsblood Royal is a satire depicting race relations, bias and attitudes in Midwest American in the ‘s after WWII. Neil Kingsblood, the protagonist, is a .

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Kingsblood Royal

The hotel-guide gives the Pineland as the best ryal for chow. He knew little of them, though as a student at the university he had often seen his mother’s mother Julie Saxinar, who was still living. A young married white man becomes interested in his family’s history, and finds out that he had a black ancestor.

But, for all that, he is still a writer of incredible subtlety kingsbliod sensitivity. Tragedy in wry forms may come even to the Colonial Residence of a Young Banker.

Jinny had a new moleskin kingsboood suit that was a sight worth traveling for, and Vestal did not go home till after six. Golly, those kingsbloof were patriotic! Its interior was decorated with inlaid woods, olive-green and rose and gray.

And I don’t guess it would hurt your position in the bank one bit if Mr. Reading “Kingsblood Royal” has helped me get a better handle on what, exactly, I find so admirable about his writing. Because Kingsblood is now black, it is illegal for him and his family to live in their home, which is in a whites-only neighborhood. The story was set in the fictional Midwestern town of Zenith, Winnemac, a setting to which Lewis would return in future novels, including Gideon Planish and Dodsworth.


There is no city as large as Minneapolis that has as large not to say lovely a lake as Minnetonka within so small a comparable distance.

As his biographer Mark Schorer wrote, the phenomenal success of Main Street “was the most sensational event in twentieth-century American publishing history. My cousin, Abby Kiphers, was a great hand to save papers, in Milwaukee, the hardware-dealer’s wife, and I’ve already written to her.

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Lewis consulted with White on the novel and was helped to meet numerous of his professional acquaintances; he learned about some contemporary issues of skin color and class within the black community. The Englishwomen had been so kind, but he had longed for the voices of the Middlewest, for his mother and Vestal and Kingslbood, his sisters Joan and Kitty. Large paper, limited to copies, signed by the author.

They were having a highball in their wondrous kitchen, with its white enamel electric stove and refrigerator and dishwasher and garbage-disposer, seated on crimson metal chairs at the deep-blue metal table—the Model Kitchen that had replaced the buffalo and the log cabin as a symbol of America.

Joan was ten years younger than Neil; reasonably pretty, reasonably intelligent, reasonably uninteresting.

What he finds instead, is that he comes from the blood of a black French Canadian frontiersman, which, according to the laws at the time, make Neil, and his family, black. Some people think the name Kingsblood is kind of unusual.

Staff Book Review of “Kingsblood Royal” by Sinclair Lewis | Galena Public Library

She wouldn’t of been here to get sore if you hadn’t never of hired her in the first place, would she? His career in the bank. If your soldier friend has the guts to take it, and the imagination, he can be pretty proud of his ancestor.

This is an honor. He, least prim of all young men, was prim now under a prim cross in a graveyard like a suburban lawn. Kingsblood Royal Lewis, Sinclair Bantam. Neil was wondering how Vestal, Old Bay Colony out iingsblood Dorset, would accept this torch-glaring wilderness origin, as Julie clucked on, in tune to her knitting-needles:.


Her hands were squarer than Neil’s, which were strong but tapered to slender fingers.

Kenneth, who had none of Xavier’s fire in his brittle veins, but some day it would enchant a Biddy who was as venturesome as Xavier. What he finds instead, is that he com This is the first Sinclair Lewis book that I have read. I ought to get the liberal point of view while I’m still young, and then hold onto it, or I might turn mean, when I’m fat rogal middle-aged and president of this bank—or maybe of the First National of St.

See how I kingsbloof All day, all night, they had talked. It is to be feared that, after putting more spiritual agony into holding a maid than it would have taken to do the housework themselves, Neil and Vestal had a distinct anti-Ethiopian bias in the matter of Belfreda, along with no very remarkable pro-Semitism or love for the Hindus, the Javanese, or the Finns. Anyway, if you like it or not, Neil, whether you’re a wild Injun or not, you’re descended from Xavier Pic, the smartest man on the frontier, and that’s pretty good, hey?

Apr 10, Pages. We just decided that maybe, after all, it isn’t a pretty word.

Neil announces his Negro status to everyone in town. Shame to rob her of the chance.