The Kiriji War is the term used to describe a series of conflicts spanning roughly 16 years ( – ) between two powerful Yoruba. He is worthy of mention because he was the Kakanfo in office when again, several parts of Yorubaland were at war — the Kiriji War, said to be. A look into KIRIJI war; an epic battle in the Yoruba history, among Yoruba people.

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I’m not an overly superstitious, religious guy, but at times I wonder.

Latoosa: The Kakanfo that triggered Kiriji War – Vanguard News Nigeria

In the s there was an influx of younger European missionaries favoring tighter European control Ajayi, The Ibadan and Ekitiparapo forces faced each other at Kiriji, a few miles east of Ikirun. Being under the protection of the Kakanfo, this slave took liberties beyond his rights, and was frequently reported to Latoosa who however continued to indulge him.

Before Chief Ogedengbe was born, the Owa Obokun of Ilesa was virtually disturbed and perplexed on the continuous ravaging wars from the Oyos. Date 1 November The Ibadans could not penetrate despite their might and strength. The most important factor was the supply kirini breech-loading rifles, much more accurate than the arms being used by the rest of the Yoruba, though the Ibadan were later able to get a small supply of them as well Akintoye, It appears you already searched in google and elsewhere online and did not find detailed info.


Initially, relations with Ibadan were good, but rivalry between the two gradually developed. After two final incidents, the bombardment of Oyo in Ayandele, and the capture of Ilorin by the Royal Niger Company ineffective colonial control was established throughout most of Yorubaland http: During the period, Ibadan traders on their way from Porto Novo with firearms were attacked by the Egba. After some initial reverses, the Ekitiparapo gained something of an advantage in the conflict, and the help they received from Ekiti Saro merchants in Lagos was crucial.

Did wr have some connection prior to this Ekitiparapo war? It is an open mountain to which warriors go to ground tobacco. Cross River govt invites presidential candidates to Carnival Calabar.

Ijebu kiriii profit margins were high, and they retained strict control of trade through the kingdom Johnson, Macaulay and his son Herbert. If it would do that, then it has to compensate the farmers and the kiroji has to be proportionate with the value of the farms.

Tourism enthusists have, however, been visiting the site. Inthe revolt against Ibadan rule started with the massacre of Ibadan officials in Ijesa, Igbomina and Ekiti.

Kiriji War

Enhancing museum education activities for tourism…. Lady Kirriji amongst other sixteen 16 pregnant women was identified to bear the child. Finally, Ife joined the alliance in These animosities were strengthened by the war during which Ife itself was sacked by the Modakeke and their Ibadan allies, and Modakeke was sacked by the Ife and Ekiti.

Bythe warring combatants had kiriki exhausted by the prongs of war to an extent that each camp was ready to accept the peace treaty organised by the British. Latoosa claimed that he could not rule with the title of Baale; and opted to be the ruler of Ibadan with the title of Aare Ona Kakanfo. The Lagos government was under instructions from London and Accra kiriij keep out of the conflict, even though the fighting was having serious effects on the economic life of the colony. The result was the Ijebu expedition of Ayandele, As the successor state to Oyo Empire, Ibadan under the rule of generals called the shots, and appointed administrators for vassal states and towns.


This was because Ilesa was protected by traditional walls which were seven 7 in number. There are so many books about this war.

Despite the odd against Ibadan, having to fight on five fronts, it was still undefeatable along the line. How Ekiti couple traded blames over domestic violence 6th December Just because we are discussing war, you don’t come in with a threat to get your demands.

Kiriji War 28th December The most important factor was the supply of breech-loading rifles, much more accurate than the arms being used by the rest of the Yoruba, though the Ibadan were later able to get a small supply of them as well Akintoye, The Hausa-Fulani will seize that opportunity to sack the entire Yorubaland. In Lagos, the administration was short of funds. Kingdoms of the Yoruba.