Jim Grimsley is a successful playwright and novelist who has produced, in Kirith Kirin, a singular work of fantasy. The story revolves around Jessex, a boy of. At his side are the king, Kirith Kirin, and the other twice-named. The twice-named can be killed, but if they are not killed in battle, poisoned, etc., then they live. Kirith Kirin. Weesam 11/6/ Email. Jim Grimsley usual writes gay literature, and wins awards for it. This makes you wonder what made him decided to.

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The descriptive passages are atmospheric and gorgeous, and bring his marvellously vast and detailed world to life.

Normally, all these thi This novel is a high fantasy that is driven by its world building, to the detriment of the plot. The feelings the characters have are strong and pure, and the characters themselves, even those who appear for a short time, are clear and memorable.

Kirith Kirina uniquely elegant and creative fantasy saga, dense and intricate in text, complete in one volume, is highly recommended to open-minded readers ready and willing to truly lose themselves in a wondrous, fantastic other world. The magic-working is intricate and finitely explained almost tediously, even, when Jessex is first learningand there are enough twists to keep the reader entertained, if he can slough through the odd pages in the story’s slow middle.

Jim Grimsley’s Kirith Kirin

I’m glad, though, because I managed to stretch out my journey through Aeryn’s history for two weeks. Swayed by promises of the dark magician, she has claimed the throne forever and is extending her influence to the far corners of the world. Nor does the author gloss over the tragic consequences of war and its attendant destruction of life, property and kirkn environment.


When Jessex learns that Julassa, a sorceress allied with the queen, has killed his family and captured his mother, this tragedy is ameliorated somewhat by the love Kirith Kirin has come to feel for him — mirin attraction that is mutual and tolerated in their culture.

He knew I was young. Nov 01, Andrew Peters added it Shelves: Books by Jim Kurith. We find this farm boy and after a few months he’s already a level 4 wizard and they’re going to trust in his ability to beat a level 4 wizard that is view spoiler [ literally his great-great grandfather?!

This story is also blessed with remarkable descriptions of how the quantum-like magic system of this world works and how it could actually feel to be learning about and then to be wielding super-human powers of control over the body and forces of energy through a variety of methods including huge arcanely constructed towers that act as monumental channels for directing occult emanations. You either get drawn into it, or you don’t, and if you do, you’ll stay no matter what.

The sequels, as Kirith Kirin ‘s cover blurb proclaims, are sci-fi novels. The world building and history of Kirith Kirin are rich and detailed, staggeringly so. Sometimes, I just mumble a word or a name like “Illyn Water” from the book, and it immediately conjures images of magical places up in my mind. The plot, however, is simple.

Kirith Kirin

That particular digression felt more like Grimsley justifying the relationship than something that had actually been foreshadowed. Jessex is only when he’s chosen kkrith be Kirith Kirin’s lamp-lighter. Really for me, it was jirin romance between Jessex and the titular Kirith Kirin that kept me reading more so than the somewhat distant and hard-to-follow conflict between the good guys and the bad. Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc.


I finally finished this book. Thus begins Jessex’s new life as he enters Arthen and moves into the royal court of Kirith Kirin.

In the end, I slogged through this book kriith was really grateful when it finally ended and I realized that the 37 pages left on my Nook were just appendices. I don’t like being mean, or giving low ratings, but this book was rough. Kirith Kirin was that book, for me. Dec 10, Zoey rated it liked it.

Yet it is not our world.

Kirith Kirin (Irion/Hormling, book 1) by Jim Grimsley

But the descriptions are so luxurious and beautiful that I do not mind the fact that I will have to read the entire book again to grasp all the names and mythology. I don’t even feel love for Kirith Kirin, but when I was by his side, I feel less dead. No endless series here! Jessex is an kkirith on the verge of manhood when the winds kiron destiny catch him up into a struggle that has been blowing across the land.

A fantasy novel, Kirith Kirinwas published by Meisha Merlin Books in and won the Lambda in the science fiction and horror category for Son and grandson of witches, with more talents than were at first apparent, Jessex is spirited away by a trio of weird sisters — the kiriyh, as it were — to a magical idyllic lakeside region where they teach him magic and fighting skills in a sort of time warp that enables him to train and keep up with his duties at the shrine klrin without undue fatigue.