Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code) Checklist for Civil Procedure. a helpful checklist when running through a civil procedure exam. Mar 8, MEDUPI POWER STATION I Doc No-: KKS01 I Rev: 1 KKS CODING AND LABELLING Doc Type: Procedure Page 2 of 26 Contents 1. Purpose. Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System). Uploaded by Tung Hoang Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code). Uploaded by.

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Feed water system Sealing fluid supply system for LB.

Data character G as well as data character F0 can be omitted in KKS if the further part of designation will remain complete univocal. Special guidelines apply to data characters G, F0 and A3. Log In Sign Up. In case of single closed regulation circuits, it is divided into 2 parts: F3 of the principal process-related task.

EY – Conditioning of signals related to functional protection group of technical and electrical protection system of the unit. If the letters available are insufficient, FN may be used. Order according to voltage levels, counted from higher voltages to lower. Introduction Identification System is based on the Kraftwerk – Kennzeichen – System KKS This System is the basis for the procexure and clear identification of all installations and subsystems in power plant.

Conventional heat generation Unit control system L. These analog signal processing elements receive the code of the equipment unit concerned. The allowable notations are fixed. F — Indirect measuring circuits It is a common practice to apply a grouping numbering of equipment units: A2 identifies control and instrumentation functions e. The s character may be omitted pfocedure no structure in the total plant comprises more than 99 rooms. L — Steam, water, gas cycles The direction of numbering is vertical from the lowermost floor upwards.


Regulation part is described in level 1 by process-related installation, and level 2 by the controlled parameter – control part is described by executive device e. The second character of FN numbers the cubicles.

Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System)

X — Heavy machinery not main machine sets Redundant zeros must be written, e. Skip to main content. They are generally identified after the system within the interfaces of which the sensor is installed.

Where signals or measured data are used to limit or suppress the original measured data, the processed output signals retain the code of the original measured data. A — Mechanical equipment The additional code is used for the numbering of: Signals and Signal Applications Breakdown level 3 is used to identify signals and their applications. But it is necessary to modificate the counting signs prkcedure breakdown level 1 – installation unit code.

Special Rules for Mechanical Engineering S — Ancillary systems Such modifications are subject to agreement between the parties to the project. No one of these symbols can be omitted. E — Binary and analog signal and variable conditioning Installation Space Code Serial no. Measuring Circuits Measuring circuits comprise analog signal acquisition, conditioning, distribution and measured data recording and indicating processing elements.

Numbering starts anew when one of the preceding code elements changes. Fire protection sections are identified according to the room identification.

Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System) – PDF Free Download

Details of equipment unit numbering are subject to agreement between the parties to the project. Main machine sets Given the possibilities shown in the table, it is not practicable to meet all possible requirements for identification of discrete process-related function e.


Treatment system GUA Rainwater collection and drainage systems free for use e. Structure Code Serial no.

Q — Auxiliary systems Identification Samples CKA Deviations with respect to the type of data character A or N and their quantity are allowed by DIN Part 2 and are subject to agreement between the parties to the project. Equipment unit identified in breakdown level 2 procedurs always to a system identified in breakdown level 1.

The breakdown levels have the following structures: X and Y zones are outside the grid.

Identification System for Combined Cycle Power Plant (KKS coding)

Closed-Loop Control Circuits The principles for the identification of measuring circuits apply analogously to the identification of closed-loop control circuits on breakdown level 1.

Generally valid rules on the use of FN numbering are not expedient. R — Gas generation and treatment However, such schemes kkss not have the effect of reserving numbers in other applications, not even within the same engineering discipline. This prefix sign is omitted when there is absolutely no ambiguity in layout documents. The Equipment Unit identified ptocedure breakdown level 2 belongs always to the System designated in breakdown level 1.

In the electrical and instrumentation control engineering sectors, the equipment for auxiliary services, power supply, open-loop-control, instrumentation, etc.