Kubizek met Adolf Hitler at a opera house in As Louis L. Snyder has pointed out: “Before long August began to regard his chance acquaintance as his best. This, August Kubizek gives. The son of an upholsterer in Linz, inspired early with a passion for music, Kubizek first met Hitler late in when both were. A valuable historical document from Hitlers only childhood friend.

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Full text of “The Young Hitler I knew”

He subscribed to the library of the Adult Education. He needed the town, the variety and abundance of its impressions, experiences and events; he lubizek there that he had his share in everything; that there was nothing in which his interest was not engaged.

A beggar, standing before the church, would be an occasion for him to hold forth on the need for a State scheme for the old, which would do away with begging. We used to explore the surroundings of Linz in all directions. For these artistic ambitions his eloquence was of no use, rather a hindrance. His quarrel with school was going on atthe same time as another conflict, which was much more importantto him: He was a good son.

In this manner the school in the capital of the P rovince got rid of its less satisfactory pupils by pushing them off into the schools of the smaller towns.

The evening stroll along the Landstrasse was, in those years, a favourite habit with the Linzers. This brings a single declaration from the deranged but dedicated father of this aberration: I remember distinctly every single detail of that Christmas, and when today in my old age I think back, my conscious life seems to have started with that event. This is actually much more frightening than a portrait of an inhuman monster. It was, indeed, the great decision of his life.

That said, I actually loved this book. Kubizei his crucial early years, the years between leaving school and joining the Bavarian army are, in the language of one of his biographers [Thomas Orr, Das Hilter Revue, Munich,No.


In all likelihood this is true. To devote his life to the arts was, in my kubziek, the greatest resolution that a young man could take; for secretly I, too, played with the idea of exchanging kubizem dusty and noisy upholsterer’s workshop for the pure and lofty fields of art, to give my life to music.

In the first place the eleven-year-old boy found it difficult to adapt himself to the new surroundings. Upon learning of his friend’s three sons, Hitler insisted on financing their educations at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz.

Jan 09, Les Wolf rated it really liked it. He personally bought the old school building and ordered the construction of a fine new school. Her Jewish-sounding maiden name, Isak, has been subject to speculation in this context. It is significant that not one of his many schoolmates could claim any close relationship kubixek friendship with him. My third sister, Karoline, fell desperately ill, lingered kkbizek for some years, and died when she was eight. Perhaps her mother’s heart was broken by these terrible trials.

He recalls his friend making a sketch of a new bridge through their hometown Linz, which would replace the wrought-iron Victorian mess currently there. I myself kuibzek how Adolf tried to spare his mother during the last school year, and yet he could hitker spare her because it was impossible to convince her that his future lay elsewhere.

J ust as Adolf often enjoyed the hospitality of my parents’ home, I went often to see his mother and on taking leave was unfailingly asked by Frau Hitler to come again.

Adolf Hitler and Stefanie Rabatsch – Wikipedia

In the Baernreiterhaus things were different. After all, he was an Austrian and should have had his share of the famous Austrian sense of humour. The poor guy, what a life I remember many occasions when he showed this love for his mother, most deeply and movingly during her last illness; he never spoke of his mother but with deep affection.

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Whenever I saw her I had — 1 hltler know why — a feeling of sympathy for her, and felt that I wanted to do something for her.

No, school I was not allowed to mention. According to the enclosed family tree they are prevented by ttie canonical impediment of collateral affinity in the third degree touching ttie second. I am curious to read Kubizek’s memoir and decide for myself.

It is a far more human and, in my opinion, a far more plausible character than that to which Greiner’s book has accustomed us. Some question the accuracy of Kubizek’s memoir, the only source for the story. Certainly one’s impression of Hitler, especially after a shortand superficial acquaintance, was that of a deeply serious man.

He was, and buddy Gustl reports on it in this book. I have often been asked, and even by Rudolf Hess, who once invited me to visit him in Linz, whether Adolf, when I knew him, had any sense kuibzek humour.

He spent his time in the pub, drank and smoked, gambled his money away, and on top of that – he was a civil servant. While reading this book I did not discover the negative influences in Hitler’s life that could have created the flawed individual we remember. kubizeek

Adolf Hitler and Stefanie Rabatsch

And this, in spite of the fact that in the subject which Dr. However tired I was after my work, nothing could keep me from the theatre. Sometimes he would be overcome by his feelings and give free reign to his imagination. The photograph by Hans Zivny, taken in Urfahr, on her leaving school was somewhat earlier than this meeting and Stefanie could only have been then seventeen, or, at the most, eighteen years old.

Play and reality became confused in my excited mind.