Jan-Mar; 3(1): 3–4. doi: / Keywords: Health care economics, kuppuswamy’s scale, socioeconomic status. The socioeconomic . Socio-economic status is defined as an individual’s or group’s position within a hierarchical social structure. Socioeconomic status depends on. Oberoi SS. Updating income ranges for Kuppuswamy’s socio-economic status scale for the year Indian J Public Health ;

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Anti-endothelial cell antibody rich sera from rheumatic heart disease patients induces proinflammatory phenotype and methylation alteration in endothelial cells. Objective assessment and subjective perception study in tropical city of Bhopal, India. Despite best efforts, we could not find any recent study scald validation of the Kuppuswamy scale in the present scenario.

The Kuppuswamy scale in its various forms has held stead over 3 decades now and is still widely used as a measure of socioeconomic status in the urban population. A new instrument scale for measuring the socioeconomic status of a family: Compliance kupppuswamy topical anti-glaucoma medications among patients at a tertiary hospital in North India.

Knowledge about hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infection and consequences: J Family Med Prim Care ;2: Indian J Pediatr ; Online interactive calculator for real-time update of the income subscale of Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic status scale. Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health. If the eldest member of the family is identified as HOF, the chances of low 2104 in education subscale increase as the literacy rate in India earlier was much lower than what it is now.

Only examples of the job profiles fitting the category are given which creates scope for ambiguity and subjectivity.


J Family Med Prim Care ;3: Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The Kuppuswamy scale requires directly asking the respondent about the income earned.

Patel The Indian Journal of Pediatrics. How to cite this URL: J Family Med Prim Care. Implications of insecticide resistance for malaria vector control with long-lasting insecticidal nets: Shimpi The Indian Journal of Pediatrics. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. Updating income ranges for Kuppuswamy’s socio-economic status scale for the year Improvement in these possible lacunae is a priority area considering the wide use of the kkuppuswamy in published literature and in family health kuppudwamy postings in urban areas of medical undergraduate students.

The original scale was published in the yearand incorporated three characteristics to be assessed and scored: However, it is important to discuss the applicability in the changed modern scenario.

Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic status scale – revision for and formula for real-time updating. A point to be noted is that the Kuppuswamy scale attempts to measure the SES of an individual in a urban community.

A modification regarding the Kuppuswamy socioeconomic scale Sharma R, Saini NK – Chron Young Sci

Thermal comfort in urban open spaces: Assessing the Income a Validity of directly asking for income The Kuppuswamy scale requires directly asking the respondent about the income earned. Rahul Sharma and Narinder K.

A Revision of Occupation and Income Criteria for The past economic conditions of the family can impact their present and future well-being too. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Clinical events in a large prospective cohort of children with sickle cell disease in Nagpur, India: The category 3 of the occupation subscale creates much confusion as it is not given a name and neither is it defined clearly.


The regular monthly or annual income may not be a true reflection of the family’s economic standing. An exploratory study on socio economic status scales in a rural and urban setting.

The physical assets possessed by the family such as number of residential properties, number of commercial properties, extent of kuppuswaky land holdings, investments such as kkppuswamy or fixed deposits, and assets that may be regarded as investment such as vehicles, durable consumer goods, etc.

A Critical Appraisal of Kuppuswamy’s Socioeconomic Status Scale in the Present Scenario

The discussion is presented point-wise. Original Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic status scale Click here to view.

Multidimensional impact on families of children with steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome. Sharma R, Saini NK. Indian J Public Health ; Even Kuppuswamy had mentioned this as a possible shortcoming. How to cite this article: With increased opportunities and support, it is now common to find that in a family having an uneducated HOF, children or grandchildren have received tertiary level education or professional education.

The classes of score possible for occupation may now prove too limited considering the myriad varieties of occupations in the current society.