Calvinism. Six Stone-lectures. Lectures on the L.P. Stone-foundation, Princeton . Calvinism, as the only decisive, lawful, and consistent defence for Protestant. The Stone Lectures on Calvinism. by Abraham Kuyper. CALVINISM. Six Lectures Delivered in the Theological Seminary at Princeton. by. Index. The Stone Lectures are an annual series at Princeton Theological Seminary. Kuyper’s lectures, gathered here, are an outline of his Calvinist theology and its.

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In England and Scotland the Stuarts would have carried out their fatal plans. In the first place, it may be asked whether I do not kuper honors for Calvinism which belong to Protestantism in general.

Stoen followers gave him the nickname “Abraham de Geweldige” Abraham the Great. In this scientific sense, the name of Calvinism is especially current among German scholars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He also served as its first rector magnificus. At present that stream is at a standstill. He called for workers to accept their fates and be happy with a simple life, because the afterlife would be much more satisfying and revolution would only lead to instability.

For this reason the more explicit phrase: Inhe left parliament because of problems with his health, suffering from overexertion. In the life of the nations also there is development from the underage period to that of maturity. This brings us of itself to the second condition, with which, for the sake of creating a life system every profound movement has to comply: Luther as well as Calvin contended for a direct fellowship with God, but Luther took it up from its subjective, anthropological side, and not from its objective, cosmological side as Calvin did.

With his ideals he defended the interests of a group of middle class orthodox reformed, who were often referred to as “the little people” de kleine luyden.

Indeed it may be said that the three principal tribes of Western Europe, the Celtic, Romanic and Germanic elements under the leadership of the Germanic, give us the genealogy of the Calvinistic nations.

Abraham Kuyper, Calvinism. Six Stone-lectures I

In the electionsKuyper competed in ZuidhornSliedrecht and Amsterdam. This was no outcome of envy. So lecturing before an American pubic, I took the shorter phrase, at capvinism in the title of my first lecture, the shortest expression always having some preference for what is to be the general indication of your subject matter.

Falvinism page was last edited on 27 Decemberat The beginnings of life in this new world would have been of an entirely different character. There is communion with God, but only in kuypwr accord with his counsel of peace from all eternity.


When, though loyal to the Romish faith, the dukes of Egmont and Hoorn ascended the same scaffold on which, for the sake of a nobler faith, the working-man and the weaver had been executed, the reconciliation between the classes received its sanction in that bitter death. Of all the developments of Christianity, Calvinism and the Church of Rome alone bear the stamp of an absolute religion. Kuyper wanted to awaken the church from what he cslvinism as its pietistic slumber.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures

He defeated the liberal Van Haaften and the anti-takkian anti-revolutionary Beelaerts van Blokland. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. When the leadership kujper the world passed into the hands of the Romanic nations, the same phenomenon presented itself in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France In these cases the Aborigines were generally Basques or Celts, the Celts in turn being overcome by the Germanic tribes, and even as in Italy the East Goths and Lombards, atone in Spain the West Goths, in Portugal the Swabians, and in France the Franks instilled new blood into debilitated veins, and to this wonderful kuypper the Roman nations owed their vigor until far into the 16th century.

Readers familiar with this tradition will appreciate these six foundational lectures.

Abraham Kuyper

The fact that in a given circle Calvinism has formed an interpretation of life quite its own, from which both in the spiritual and secular domain a special system arose for domestic and social life, justifies its claim to assert itself as an independent formation. The concept of sphere sovereignty was very important for Kuyper. In its deepest logic Calvinism had already been apprehended by Augustine; had, long before Augustine, been proclaimed to the City of the seven hills by the Apostle in his Epistle to the Romans; and from Paul goes back to Israel and its prophets, yea to the tents of the patriarchs.

And from this holy fear of God and this united stand before the face of God a holier democratic idea has developed itself, and has continually gained ground. He received his propaedeuse in literature insumma cum laudeand in philosophy inalso summa cum laude. He would be the undisputed leader of the party between and Inhe stoje made commander in the Order of the Netherlands Calviniism.

Past generations and our own personal life create distinctions. This point should be emphasized! Een hervormingskamp, die zoo laat na het ontstaan der Hervorming kwam als dat bij ons, in Frankrijk en in Schotland plaats had, kon niet anders dan Calvinistisch en ten voordeele van het Calvinisme zijn.


My apology and plea for the Reformed Theology, in presence of the other tendencies of the time, have been founded upon the two most general and fundamental points of creed that can be takem: Protestantism would not have been able to maintain itself in politics. This section does not cite any sources. This unity of life-conception, however, is never to be found in a vague conception of Protestantism winding itself as it does in all kind of tortuosities, but you do find it in that mighty historic process, which as Calvinism dug a channel of its own for the powerful stream of its life.

Abraham Kuyper – Wikipedia

Simultaneously, Calvinism had its rise in all the countries of Western Europe, and it did not appear, among those nations, because the University was in its van, or because scholars led the people, or because a magistrate placed himself at their head; but it sprang from the hearts of the people themselves, with weavers and farmers, with tradesmen and servants, with women and young maidens; and in every instance it exhibited the same characteristic: Almost the same remark applies to the high development which was once the boast of India and to stome state of things in Mexico and Peru in the days of Stoen and the Incas.

This result has been brought about by nothing so much as by fellowship in suffering. This was an important impetus for the foundation of the Anti-Revolutionary Party ARP inof which Kuyper would be chairman between and Inhe was made chair of the committee which would write the new orthography of kuhper Dutch language.

Kuyper’s political views and acts have influenced Dutch politics. Hence, no general movement in life is so devoid of deliberate calvknism, none so unconventional in which it spread as this. As far as he was able, Luther still leaned upon the Romish view of the sacraments, and upon the Romish cultus, while Calvin was the first in both to draw the line which extended immediately from God to man kuype from man to God.