Industrial furnace. Fig. 3 Schematic representation of the Kyropoulos method. Pull. Seed. Crucible. Crystal. Melt. Bottom heater. Thermal insulation. Side heater . The Czochralski (CZ) method of crystal growth was discovered in by Jan In the Kyropoulos method, pure alumina powder is placed in a crucible and. Kyropoulos method. The method was developed in and consists from smooth crystal growth at low temperature gradient. And lowered melt level.

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This growth technique is ideal for materials with low thermal conductivity and a high degree of thermal expansion, the combination of which can make crystal material vulnerable to various imperfections unless grown and cooled in a low-stress environment.

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This method is characterized by low not higher than deg. After 15 kyroooulos, the crystalline mass reaches 4. Like the Czochralski method, the crystal grows free of any external mechanical shaping forces, and thus has few lattice defects and low internal stress. The process also allows for tight control over crystal orientation.

EFG-produced crystal material is typically of low to medium optical quality, and can be precisely produced kryopoulos different crystallographic orientations A, C, random.

Kyropoulos method – consists from smooth crystal growth at low temperature gradient.

It is most often used for mechanical, industrial and lesser-grade optical applications. Example particular embodiment of the present process is as follows: Method for preparing synthetic sapphire by micro-pulling and shoulder-expanding at cooled mwthod.

After the cooling step after annealing holding hours, open the intake valve, pressure in the furnace and the single crystal outside the same, closed cooling water system, crystal lid open, remove the sapphire single crystal, complete the process. The hinge provides the deviation of the pulling gear rod under the action of the crystal weight.

Views Read Edit View history. Process for preparing gallium doped elementarysubstance solar energy single crystal. The Kyropoulos method is used to grow sapphire crystals with a diameter exceeding mm and a weight larger than 80 kg.


CZ remains essentially unchanged today. Retrieved 16 January At first, the Kyropoulos method was used for the growth of alkali halide and alkali earth metal crystals.

Kyropoulos process

Instead of dipping his pen in its inkwell, he mistakenly dipped it in the crucible and quickly pulled it mtehod. Method for producing high-purity high-density alumina block material for sapphire single crystals.

The characteristic curve of crystal weight increment per unit time has two maxima. Kyropoulos introduced his technique as a way of producing large single crystals that were free of cracks and damage due to restricted containment. Large shoulder rotation to expand the number of kilograms of sapphire crystal pulled stable law.

One of the automation methods uses weighing kyroloulos. Large-size and high-quality factor carbon-doped titanium gem laser crystal and preparation method thereof. Heat and vacuum help purify the alumina by vaporizing impurities. Bliss, in “50 Years of Progress in Crystal Growth: Today, the EFG crystal growing technique remains as simple as the process Labelle developed.

Method for preparing 6-inch P-type solar silicon single crystals through Czochralski method and zone melting method. With this highly controlled thermal-gradient, the Kyropoulos method yields large-diameter boules of very high optical quality due to its high purity.

This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Seeding guidance die for growing silicon crystal by directional solidification method. When crystallization is complete, the furnace temperature and the gas flow are decreased and the crystal boule slowly anneals. Kyrlpoulos to restrain bubbles in process of growing sapphire by using kyropoulos method. After 5 hours, open the intake valve, pressure in the furnace and the single crystal outside the same, closed cooling water system, crystal lid open, remove the sapphire single crystal, to complete the process.

At the final stage of growth the conditions change again. A method of reducing the large size metgod the sapphire crystal bubbles Kyropoulos.

Kyropoulos process – Wikipedia

The resulting boules iyropoulos be cut to any crystallographic orientation kyropoulod plane. Although it is typically associated today with high-tech applications such as LEDs and spacecraft windows, the production of industrial sapphire dates back to the late 19 th century, when A. The upward pulling of the seed is at a much slower rate than the downward growth of the crystal, and serves primarily to shape the meniscus of the solid-liquid interface via surface tension.


The furnace is held at constant temperature during growth of the crystal, which grows from the seed in three dimensions. After partial melting kyropouos the seed, helium flow is increased to cool the seed and initiate crystallization of alumina onto the seed.

Advanced Topics on Crystal Growth. Thus, we have created conditions favorable for the selection of geometric kernel that will be used for further crystal growth. The resulting crystals typically have curved growth striations, which limits their use in optical applications. The Kyropoulos process is a method of bulk crystal growth used to obtain single metjod. The EFG method provides the ability to produce various shapes that are not possible with other technologies, and therefore saves costs associated with machining and other finishing processes.

In the Kyropoulos methodpure alumina powder is placed in a crucible and brought to melting temperature. Processes of charging, vacuumizing, heating for melting, auxiliary temperature field adjustment, crystal leading, shoulder extending, shoulder contracting, equal-diameter growth, pull-off, cooling annealing methd discharging are finished in a growth furnace of the large-size sapphire single crystal.

The furnace is evacuated and heated to melt the crackle methor keeping the seed just below its melting point by passing helium gas through the heat exchanger beneath the center of the crucible.

In the ensuing decades, new methods of synthesizing sapphire have emerged, and many have since been customized into proprietary processes used by manufacturers worldwide.