You can determine the version of a data sheet by examining its device, revision of silicon and data sheet (include -literature number) you are. To obtain the most up-to-date version of this data sheet, please register at our device, revision of silicon and data sheet (include -literature number) you are. Datasheets, LAN(i) Datasheet Design Resources, LAN Development Tool Selector. PCN Design/Specification, Data Sheet Chg 11/Jan/

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LAN8700 Datasheet

But, if I reset the PHY interface with code 0x the ethernet doesn’t turn-on again. I’ve change only this.

In addition, the following cross reference added to caption: Details of terminal 1 datashert are optional but must be located within the zone indicated. What exactly did you change to adapt this code to your controller? Yes I’ve look the datasheet of LAN Mike Clements RenesasRulz Moderator. Have you looked at the datasheet for the LAN to make sure you are properly initializing the adapter?

When I use the Micrium project with DP api the ethernet work fine. I hope this helps. State Not Answered Date Microit. The LAN device is installed on the EVB board and all associated circuitry is included, along with all configuration options. Indicates that valid data is presented on the TXD[3: Page 39 Reserved Reserved Table 5. Inactive indicates that the selected speed is 10Mbps. In devices incorporating many MACs or PHY interfaces such as switches, the number of pins can add significant cost as the port counts increase Reserved Reserved Table 5.


Coplanarity zone applies to exposed pad and terminals. It generates an active low asynchronous interrupt signal on the nINT output whenever certain events are detected as setup by the Interrupt Mask Register The configuration as described in Section 5. Microit, Have you resolved your ethernet issues? The auto-negotiation protocol is a purely physical layer activity and proceeds independently of the MAC controller.

All other trademarks are vatasheet property of their respective owners. Page 37 Reserved Table 5.

LAN8700 Datasheet PDF

Standard reel size is pieces per reel. The Benefits of adding an external MII interface are: Register 0, bit 9 must be set before datasheeh new Revision 2. All LED signals are either active high or active low. This interface supports registers 0 through 6 as required by Clause 22 of the In reply to Mike Clements:.

VDD33 is at 2. Page 38 Table 5. Page 36 Table 5.

Copy your embed code and put on your site: I’ve see the datasheet of this 2 transceiver and it was very similar. Microit, You changed the address of PHY and some other settings? In reply to Mike Clements: Each major block is explained below.


List of Tables Table 2. I doesn’t restart the device and it’s work with PHY configuration of Micrium project.

LAN Datasheet(PDF) – SMSC Corporation

See of the power down modes. Bit 0 of the 4 data bits that are sent by the PHY in the receive path.

Polarity depends upon the Phy address latched in on reset. Now I haven’t look a solution for solve this problem. I’ve try to read all registers in Debug Mode and it was equals at Micrium registers. Before doesn’t work and it’s go in error. AO Transmit Data Negative: