Come to Larry Niven’s Universe and meet all the natives: Thrints, Bandersnatchi, Puppeteers — and a host of other wonderfully created characters. Larry Niven – Neutron Star – (Short Story Collection) Niven, Larry – Neutron Star (SS Coll) Niven, Larry – Tales of Known Space – Neutron Star (b). What’s more, Larry Niven made it big and won a Hugo with his excellent story, “ Neutron Star.” The only trouble with the victory was that when I read his story I.

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The biggest problem with this story is that it’s kind of a two-in-one, which is very odd for a short story. Sep 19, John rated it really liked it. Science and Science Fiction: The Kdatylno sculptor concept is really cool, the action is alright, and Niven actually nails a sci-fi Beowulf plot Niven created an alien species, the Kzin, which were featured in a series of twelve collection books, the Man-Kzin Wars.

Larry Niven “Neutron Star” Artwork copyright: Niven also often includes elements of detective fiction and adventure stories. Now I must admit I am not sure if this was some mater plan or if like Asimov’s Foundation and Robots stories sort of evolved together in to one massive time line. The Puppeteers are extremely cautious when dealing with other races, and keep all details about their homeworld secret. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He has also written for the DC Comics character Green Lantern including in his stories hard science fiction concepts such as universal entropy and the redshift effect, which are unusual in comic books. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here De verhalen in deze uitgave spelen zich alle af in het universum van de Ringwereld-romans, Larry Nivens zogeheten Bekende Heelal. BVS-1 was de eerste bekende oude en afgekoelde neutronster.


The Puppeteers want to determine why two previous researchers, Peter and Sonya Laskin, were killed during the previous attempt on a similar mission.

Mini review: “Neutron Star” by Larry Niven

It just makes me want more. Tot nu toe hebben de verhalen de tand des tijds erg goed doorstaan – het is allemaal nog best mogelijk neeutron de toekomst toe, wat toch al een hele prestatie op zich is.

We maken kennis met de Kzin en de Poppenspelers. The style is sort of like a mystery, with the super-d A go-to primer for Known Space.

Larry Niven – Neutron Star – (Short Story Collection) – PDF Free Download

See my interview on Tor. Here we have an unimpeachable collection of early short fiction from an author whose output can be uneven at time. Getting the Most out of Ringworld.

Views Read Edit View history. It is out of print but I easily found a copy on Amazon. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Now, Niven brings up the spin issue and the return flight issue. I’d been in the mood to read some classic sci-fi: The title story – a Hugo winner – introduces us to star pilot Beowulf Shaeffer who appears in three other stories in the book, “At the Core,” “Flatlander,” and “Grendel”as well as the Puppeteers who nivven feature in Niven’s later Ringworld series.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A go-to primer for Known Space.

Nevertheless, it’s a really stupid idea. Introduces Nessus of Ringworld fameshows great insight into Kzinti culture, and explores the complexities of Puppeteer psychology and instinct. Because this exposition is embedded only incidentally within eight fast-paced and ingenious short stories, the reader is never plagued by tedium. Well I could not resist not realising what I was letting myself in for.


Projects Diamonds in the Sky Launchpad Astronomy Workshop Living in Brazil Spider Star The human colony on the planet Argo has long explored and exploited the technology left behind by an extinct alien race.

He has since lived in Los Angeles suburbs, including Chatsworth and Tarzana, as a full-time writer. His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, heutron utilizes an exhaustible resource, called Mana, to make the magic a non-renewable resource.

Frank Herbert Review “Destination: The Puppeteers want to determine why two previous researchers, Peter and Sonya Laskinwere killed during the previous attempt on a similar mission.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Experience: Larry Niven “Neutron Star”

Niven is known as a “hard science” writer, and it shows in a couple of these stories. Tidal forces are a subtle thing to most readers who are not physics or astronomy majors, and neutron stars extreme objects that really exist and have large tidal forces. Shaeffer eventually realizes what the X-force is: They in effect give the local curvature of space in terms of tidal forces, i. He briefly attended the California Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics with a minor in psychology from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, in Plus he’s a lot funnier than I think he gets credit for.

This is a nicely rounded set of stories. De omschrijving op de achterzijde van het boek: Several of my favorite Known Space stories are found here.