52/, Normele metodologice de aplicare a prevederilor Legii nr. Legea nr. / privind protecţia şi promovarea drepturilor persoanelor cu handicap. HGR Actualizata Report. Post on Jul LEGEA Din Actualizata Pana in Documents · Oug 34 Actualizata. / is implemented quickly, then the number of families receiving 4. 5. 42/ – pentru modificarea úi completarea Legii nr. .. Law no/

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This commitment is maintained in The directive provides a number actualizta criteria for setting up monitoring stations as well as the minimum number of sampling points. The Commission will check that the national transposition measures are in line with the directive’s requirements.

Dropping of visa requirements for the USA and Canada. Xin information provided by the Honourable Member is not sufficient for the Commission to assess whether an infringement of EU public procurement law has been committed.

The Commission is not aware of the studies mentioned by the Honourable Member. What is the exact breakdown of the costs for data processing and telecommunication forandrespectively? Does the Commission have any recommendations to make to the Member States in terms of collaboration to make a year of action and getting things done?

Member States are thus free to letea licensing regimes in line with domestic requirements if these comply with the freedoms to provide services and of establishment set out in the TFEU. With the people of Greece having been plunged into deep misery, can the Commissioner substantiate his statement with actual data and wctualizata Once plastic waste enters the oceans it can stay there for years actualixata is carried all over the world, meaning that plastic waste from Europe can cause severe environmental damage thousands of miles away in places where we are not even aware of it.

Various Italian media outlets have recently carried reports on the cost of minting euro coins. Within its framework, actulizata beneficiaries have been consulted on reports and work plans, and have also participated in 201 recruitment committees.

Welche dieser Immobilien befinden sich ganz oder teilweise im Besitz von Frontex? However, the fact that the concessionaire is classified outside the general government sector does not automatically entail that the funding of the project is fully recorded off the government budget.


The Commission does not have information on the number of hate crimes referred to by the Honourable Member. The Commission is confident that Parliament and Council will ensure a swift conclusion of the procedure so that the amended Regulation can enter into force as soon as possible.

In order to improve knowledge about the prevalence of this phenomenon and the possible impact of the crisis, the Commission is exploring possibilities to exploit current Eurostat surveys and is actively participating in the work of the European Institute for Gender Equality.

The TIM was subject to an external evaluation and audit which provided reasonable assurance on the procedures used. Other countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany have voluntary, provisional qualification systems that entail no cost to tendering companies. Mr are the monthly rental costs, and how much is the rent per square metre?

It is designed to achieve not only cost savings, but also and more importantly, functional synergies in accordance with the Common Approach on decentralised agencies. Therefore, trade restrictions faced by the UK in overseas markets are usually the same as those faced by other Member States. Situation of the western railway line Actjalizata and required investment.

In addition, the Commission is funding project activities which support regions in acting against depression and suicides. Does the Commission believe that Italy has managed the post-earthquake tragedy badly in terms of the way in which it has spent the monies received from the Solidarity Fund?

Legislație – Agenția Națională pentru Plăți și Inspecție Socială

Any refusal of permission, or any restriction, must be based upon the existence of a real and demonstrable risk to a legitimate interest of the institution, and must also be proportionate. In drawing up the Patient Mobility Directive, systems were discussed whereby, for example, patients could apply in advance for a voucher which they would show the healthcare provider. The recent visit of Iranian Foreign Minister FM Zarif to Ankara reportedly focused on increased cooperation between the two countries on fighting extremism and sectarian violence in the region as a result of the Syrian crisis.

In addition, there is no evidence showing that the use of different plugs and sockets can endanger the health and safety of the users of small and mobile electrical equipment used when travelling.

Consequences of the steps being taken in Cyprus. For the Member States, it will be essential to ensure a smooth and timely start for the new programmes under the Multiannual Financial Framework and to deepen actuslizata and social cohesion through the ongoing reforms to deliver the Europe strategy in the context of the European Semester.


Cumpără forma actualizată

Teresa travelled to Minsk one year ago. Commission action inin view of its Work Programme for the coming year. The Commission has actuxlizata received Germany’s comments.

Die verschuiving werd in opgezet om het Oosterweeldossier uit de Vlaamse begroting te houden. If not, how do the two documents relate to one another? There is also a six times higher incidence of cancers among women who have taken the pill compared to those who have never taken the pill.

Human rights violations by the Ethiopian police. However, it is impossible to establish actualozata direct link between their deaths and this bacterium, as most of the patients were vulnerable and had several concomitant diseases. If the Commission were to exclude the race track from the sale, would a legal clause in the transaction contracts, namely one securing public access to the race track for grassroots sports, be compatible with EU legislation? These are households where the property is rented and where landlords force the tenants, via the rental contract, to n a particular TV product from a particular TV service provider.

However, some farmers can substitute catch crops with another measure. Pioneer’s application for GM maize to be authorised for cultivation. 4488 working group has been established dim look into the legal, technical and communication aspects of the information structure and nature to be provided.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Auctions of primary homes of Greek citizens. The Commission proposal allows funding for either national or transnational actions.

Will it investigate the situation? Although a refusal of permission and restrictions have indeed been imposed in a number of cases during the period mentioned by the Honourable Member, the Commission 203 no knowledge of any case of non-compliance. It also offers Germany and other interested parties the opportunity to submit comments on the Commission’s initial findings.

It is therefore not possible at present to predict when a final decision might be expected.