Dec 14, lei de 28 de maio de 10, Parágrafo Terceiro – Compete à Diretoria exercer as atribuições que a Lei, o Estatuto Social e o Conselho de . da Companhia e o valor pago em bolsa, pelas ações da Companhia neste período, devidamente atualizado. Dec 11, (Available from ccivil_03/Leis/. Lhtm. Accessed 8/12/). BRAZIL. Law No , of 25 November.

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The following table sets forth, as of December 31,the percentage of homes passed by our cable network with the bandwidth capacity indicated: We compete with these organizations on the basis of price, service offerings and service reliability.

Outlined below are the current programming packages we offer to our subscribers. We cannot assure you that agreements will be reached with each of our programmers to convert our programming costs from U. We plan to continue to enhance and upgrade the services we offer by adding, on a selective basis, new programming and further advanced products and services as they become available.

We li that new sources of competition, including pay-television providers who may emerge as a result of changing technology, will shape our competitive environment in the future. The following table sets forth, as of December 31,the percentage of the homes in Region 1 passed by our cable networks with the bandwidth capacity indicated: In connection with these services, we and our subsidiaries have been ordered to pay claimants all the benefits usually granted to formally employed personnel and to pay any debts to claimants arising out of illegal practices adopted by their employers.

Substantially all of our assets and those of these other persons are located in Brazil. Light refused to receive payment and alleged that the municipal government had been attempting to levy ISS leii such amounts, and Light was contesting the imposition of such tax.


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Data concerning total cable subscribers, total subscription television subscribers and total penetration rates in Brazil as of December 31, are based on Pay-TV Survey No. Although the terms of such restructuring remain under negotiation, we expect that this restructuring will result in either: We are the largest cable television operator in Brazil. As of December 31,we were not in compliance with these ratios.

Our revenues from pay-per-view events are seasonal, based largely on the soccer season, and accounted for approximately 2. Since Augustwe have been developing a new system structure with the aim to improve all internal controls and user accesses.

In addition to other pay-television providers, such as DBS, we compete with broadcast television, and sources of home entertainment generally, including the Internet.

We constantly monitor subscriber perception, competition, pricing and service preferences to increase our responsiveness to our subscribers.

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In these lawsuits, we argue that: We are encouraging Plus subscribers to switch to the Advanced package, which includes more channels and has substantially the same monthly subscription fee as that for the Plus package. Most of our subsidiaries were formed to hold cable operating licenses issued by various Brazilian municipalities. The atalizada of the debt restructuring is subject to a number of uncertainties and factors, many of which are not within our control, such as the state of Brazilian and international capital markets and our ability to reach agreements with our lenders and debt holders.

Class A and B households are especially attractive to us, as we believe they will demonstrate significant demand over pei for our premium pay-television and Internet services and have relatively high creditworthiness. Any of these and other factors could negatively affect our ability to sell our high-speed Internet access service or any other Internet-based services we may introduce in the future. The acquisitions we completed in had significant atuzlizada varied effects on our operating results and financial position inandsuch that our historical results of operations and financial position for and are not fully comparable with As a result, we are unable to assure you that we will have the ability to compete successfully and any such failure could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.


FIN 46 applies immediately to variable interest entities created after January 31,and to variable interest entities in which an enterprise obtains an interest after that date. Any difficulty in retaining our current senior management or in hiring new employees could adversely affect our ability to operate our business.

Sincegovernmental actions to combat inflation, including interest rate increases and intervention in the foreign exchange market through the sale of 1083. We operate our cable systems under licenses that are non-exclusive and subject to conditional renewal. Sky Brasil atulizada the largest DBS operator in Brazil and atualizadaa largest pay-television provider, with approximatelysubscribers and an In connection with the Brazilian offering, other holders of our convertible debentures due had the right to deliver or convert their convertible debentures as consideration for subscribing preferred shares at the public offering price for a share.

See note 1 to our consolidated financial statements. Set top boxes are an example of an asset item subject to significant technological changes. Unfavorable decisions in these lawsuits may require us to pay significant pecuniary amounts which may negatively impact our business, results of operations and financial condition.