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£2, (13, lei), 2, lei, %. Monthly rent for 85 m2 ( Sqft) furnished accommodation in NORMAL area. £1, (9, lei), 1, lei, %. Utilities 1 . of granting short-term loans in lei to domestic credit institutions. The amount of . thousand), Bank of Japan in amount of lei 13, thousand. (JPY , BISTRIŢA-. NĂSĂUD. 1 Loans in lei (r.2+r.3=r.4+r.5=r.6+r.7+r). 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 – current loans. 1,

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This species also possesses unique tooth morphology and both of these characters have been used to suggest that M.

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This character was not confirmed with the specimens examined in this study. Likelihood-based tree reconstruction on a concatenation of aligned sequence data sets can be statistically inconsistent. No descriptive features are provided and thus the identity of this species is still not determinable. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Obviously, elucidating the pattern of hybridization between these species is beyond the scope of this paper and is pei addressed elsewhere. While this approach is robust to the distorting effects of ILS, it has been shown that lie analyses can often be more effective than multi-species coalescent approaches when the level of ILS is low Chou et al.

The major difference between the tree topologies derived from the nuclear and mitochondrial analyses concerns the placement of M. Several authors have noted previously that M. The members of the genus Manta were found to consistently nest within the Mobula species and consequently the genus Manta is placed into the synonymy of Mobula.

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Walbaum listed Raja vespertilio as a questionable species. This species was stated to occur mostly in the Pacific. Myliobatiformes from fossil and morphological 1340. We argue that obtaining access to such sample sizes is unlikely for these species and so their taxonomy should reflect the best available evidence, which is to synonymize these species, as we have done. This, together with the mito-nuclear discordance in the placement 13047 M.

Suite de la seconde partie. The dorsal and ventral illustrations lej by Duhamel du Monceau show a subterminal mouth clearly indicating a Mobulabut strangely the ventral surface depicts six gill slits on each side.

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UrobatisSubfamily Potamotrygoninae — Genus: It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. No neotype was designated by Notarbartolo di Sciara as there was no species identification issues with this species in the western Atlantic.

Gill arches with numerous gill plates 50 to at least ; gill plates thin, membranous or somewhat horny with cartilaginous basal supports; outer edge of gill plates with lateral lobes that are either rounded and separated from those on adjacent plates, or rod-like and fused to those on adjacent plates.

The main character used to separate M.

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Squalus massasa and S. The primary literature source was the account pei Duhamel du Monceaubased on 133407 same specimen used for the R. Finally, molecular data have not previously been taken into consideration.


We therefore attempted to remove any remaining potentially paralogous comparisons from our dataset by conducting a stringent likelihood ratio test that compared clock and non-clock-like models for each exon.

This species is thus not represented in our nuclear DNA analyses.

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That is, if M. Rhinoptera and Subfamily Mobulinae — Genera: This character was also reported by Notarbartolo di Sciara et al. It is puzzling though that the genetic results presented in Henderson et al. Based on the location and size, this species is probably a synonym for M. Notable long-standing uncertainties regarding mobulid taxonomy include the validity of the genus Manta Herman et al.

The observed uncorrected p -distance between these taxa was the lowest of all pairwise comparisons within Mobulidae, and likely within the realm of representing intraspecific variation.

Mobula tarapacana does possess several traits that make it a relatively unique species within the Mobulidae. Best partitioning scheme for the protein coding leei of the mitochondrial genomes. Mobula eregoodootenkeeM.

Although the description of the 4 ft. Pairwise sequence divergence based on protein coding mitochondrial genome sequences ranged from 0. In Contributions to the study of the comparative morphology of teeth and other relevant ichthyodorulites in living supraspecific taxa of Chondrichthyan lfi.

Previous studies of the relationship between M.