Digital Plus Modules – Reverse Loop – Lenz – LK Lenz Elektronik GmbH RailCom Address Display — (Use Only w/Gold Decoders, and RailCom. The polarity of the reversing loop is controlled by a Lenz LK reverse loop module & up until now has worked perfectly. I have recently split. Offered in Catawiki’s Model Train H0 Auction (DC): Lenz H0, N, Z – LK + LK – Attachments – 2 Loop loop modules for DCC system.

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I’ve forgotten my password. Not a sound or hesitation when locos go around the reversing loop. They are working perfectly apart from one problem. RMweb uses site cookies These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. Haven’t wired it, but Loys web site as a 16 page information sheet taht can be down loaded.

What I would probably do is to set up three small power districts, one each end of the reversible section and the section itself with the LK and take them out of the PSX-1 protection altogether. Do I need to adjust the POT? There was another thread a month or so back which involved PSXs My question is this. It is currently on the default setting of 3. Edited by – R. Without cookies we would not be able to tailor your content.

I think it’s great, never given me any problems, extremely easy to install, can handle 5 amps, doesn’t need power supply, isn’t relay based, and comes lrnz Tony’s great customer support.


To avoid any shut lez I will just switch off the reversing loop during loco changes. Have any of you guys tried using one of these with a Digitrax system. Train of Thought Railroad Forums http: I currently have one booster doing the reversing duties and it works fine.

Two (2) Lenz LK100 Auto Reverse Units for Dcc.

Results 1 to 6 of 6. You currently have javascript disabled. Member content is the property of the poster. The LK was relay based and has long since been replaced by the LK which uses solid state electronics. These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to.

I have insulated both rails of the cross over track at each turnout where they leave effectively isolating the entire centre crossover. Site sponsored by Gargoyle. All Logos and Trademarks on this Site are property of their respective Owners. As Dagworth suggests – it is better to have if not necessary to have identical references leenz dcc ideally at either end, and this being common to the switched section This normally occurs if I decide to change locos on the cartridges.

The lo100 now is Posted 27 September – Steam was generated in 0. I have tried adjusting the potentiometer on the LK, but it makes no difference.

Should I stop digging? Please post any additional info lfnz you have come across or an alternative if you’ve found one. As far as I can see there is no way to tweak lejz reaction time of the PSX-1, I did have a look at the manual. This is a HO question but applies to all including N scale I should imagine. The diagonal is much longer than the train, so is not shorting at each end. I have an oval of track with a crossover diagonally across the centre.

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These are not used to track individual usage or tailor advertising content. When it reaches the other break it goes straight through. It’s still at the standard setting and I can hear it click when it shorts. I was disappointed to find that is is relay based, like the MRC which I am using currently.


Lenz digital plus LK Kehrschleifenmodul | eBay

I too use PSX’s but mine were bought some time ago. Better model railroader than a speller. My layout ‘Crewlisle’ uses the Lehz system. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If you set it any higher then it will never trip as your DCC system will trip first as it will reach its limiting current before the PSX Posted 29 September – Thanks Andi; your last sentence made me think again.

L1k00 28 September – By connecting different combinations of the four terminals I can set either 1. I understand this would have multiple pickups on various wheelsets, so how can this work if the loco is shorting the track and still picking up off the other wheels. Not ideal but it will solve the problem, Andi.