Leonard Peikoff is universally recognized as the preeminent Rand scholar writing today. He worked closely with Ayn Rand for thirty years and was designated. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism, based on.

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Art reflects an artist’s values and plays a vital role in giving abstract values concrete expression. Ayn Rand requires a further condition to be satisfied. I wish I were still in sixth grade where everything was potentially absolutely knowable, and that I could selfishly only think about myself as Ayn Rand thinks we should.

However, Peikoff was not enthusiastic in his endorsement of Romney, calling him an “appeasing, directionless” candidate with “no political convictions” who would be useful for buying time. Fairness equality has no place in her system.

Understanding Objectivism

That sort of awful misunderstanding, I think, is why so many neo-conservatives praise Atlas Shrugged without seeming to realize it’s fundamentally opposed to their stocks in trade: Using an axiom and corollary system approach with philosophy will be totalitarian when applied to large populations because, at least in the case of objectivism, they leave no room for mythology, tradition, prejudice, or religion to name a few human universals.

In his book The Logical Leap: Lenny is not quite as good of a writer as Rand. She leonardd definitely not versed in philosophy but thinks she has an ultimate system with her pretend Objectivism of the real world and valuing the selfishness within us as the ultimate good within her ontology.

I was also captivated by the historical perspective thinking back to reading this book immediately after leikoff was published. This does not mean that the tools are PERFECT; if they were we would not need to invent tools to enhance our perceptions such as microscopes, telescopes, x-rays, etc.


Leonard Peikoff – Wikipedia

What on Earth Am I Here for? I accordingly declare any and all Objectivists to be hostis humani generis.

More importantly I don’t agree with the idea of being shackled whilst in pursuit of happiness or individual rights. From throughPeikoff hosted a nationally syndicated talk-radio show focusing on philosophy and culture.

Retrieved November 7, Rand’s many revolutionary concepts, from the primacy of existence to psycho-epistemology to concept formation leonsrd the importance of context and hierarchy, are covered in detail and clearly explained. They conclude that the same process of induction is essential to every rational field except mathematics and that, as a result, truth in any such field possesses the same objectivity as that of physics. There is a reason why many objecfivism of Ayn Rand’s novels end up reading Nietzsche rather than Ayn Rand’s philosophy books.

Rebirth of the US through revolution is equivalent to saving Rome, saving the world, even. Yes, the famous book “the selfish gene” supports partly her ideas but then again Philosophies are a way of masking the hard life realities and set directions for humanity. If you feel you are a follower of Rand’s ideas, then this book is the definitive work in understanding exactly what it is that you claim.

Peikoff is an extraordinary communicator Every one is to be blamed for their own world they have created.

Such is Ayn Rand’s unprecedented and pregnant identification in the field of epistemology. Godol shows you can’t go from logic to mathematics without set theory, and that there will always be incompleteness for our knowledge within any formal system as complex as arithmetic and ultimately mathematics is a tautology.

Unfortunately, we don’t life in a comic book and there are nuances obectivism our world and neither book provides any insight beyond bromides. If you’re a beginner or just starting to read philosophy this is a great book to start with. To send him there in order to preserve his father’s rights is absurdity, since there are no parental or other rights in Cuba.


Want to Read saving…. All success should be the result of independent effort–no mooching. Discussions with Peikoff and Allan Gotthelf in the s motivated Rand to complete an extended monograph on concept-formation, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. I have to wish, however, leonsrd Rand had chosen as her intellectual heir someone leonarx close to her skill and intellect. It is unfortunate that she was totally atheist because of her belief that people based a knowledge of God leonarv on feelings, thus His existence cannot be proved or disproved–Therefore not based on reality and not worth even discussing.

If I correctly guessed that there was a red Honda on the other side of the wall, I did not know that there was a red Honda on the other side leojard that wall.

The fascist process of national regeneration demands radical measures to create or assert national validity and strength.

Peikoff, a leading scholar and advocate of Rand’s work, offers a lengthy study of her philosophical views. Mar 23, Kelly Murray rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is firmly contextualized in classical philosophic debates although on its own terms, in opposition to subjectivism and intrincisism – “and its corollary mysticism”as a proper reconstruction of and conclusion objectivisk the philosophy of Aristotle. All of this in mind, I still couldn’t recommend anything else to someone who wants to learn about Objectivism — though not being an expert and quite possibly missing something, I’d welcome recommendations from others.

Campus Course | The Philosophy of Objectivism

He does not connect with me quite like Rand does and is certainly not as fun-loving. Leonard Peikoff presents a comprehensive overview of the philosophy of Objectivism. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Preview — Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff.