*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In The Breakdown of Nations Leopold Kohr shows that, throughout history, people living in small states are happier. 9 Results Leopold Kohr. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. The first time I ever came across the name of Leopold Kohr was in a footnote of an obscure little academic volume called Size and Democracy, where he was.

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Phil rated it really liked it Jul 27, There is the power of the sword, which exercises power directly by pointing a gun at your head. For, populations of 7, to 12, may be large enough to furnish all the material amenities of life and, in addition, constitute vigorous political communities. InKohr became a freelance correspondent during the Spanish Civil Warwhere he was impressed by the limited, self-contained governments of the separatist states of Catalonia and Aragonas well as the small Spanish anarchist city-states of Alcoy and Caspe.

This in spite of the fact that the federal pattern of growth by duplication is less useful culturally than economically or convivially. It was presented as the culmination of a natural progression. Kohr taught economics and political philosophy at Rutgers Universityin the U. Control over the Internet will be short-lived at best. His vision called for a dissolution of centralized political and economic structures in favor of local control. The cultural society now becomes in turn a welfare society, a military society, perhaps a space or sputnik society, and finally – as was the case in even the most enlightened, cynical, and sophisticated mass states of antiquity – a divine society, the spark of divinity being lodged not in the individual but the group.


Those who understand the technology will always figure out ways to get ahead of the bureaucrats. Unlike previous empires, the Anglo-American world exercises economic rather than political domination, as City of London, Wall Street investment banks, and other leviathan corporations eventually had their political classes bought and paid for.

Both of these were later popularised by his friend, Fritz Schumacher, notably in keopold best-selling book Small is Beautiful.

I advise caution amongst US readers who should A fairly decent read for most parts, first and last thirds are well written and make many good arguments, although some elements are dated and rendered obsolete by latter day events, much remains relevant and pertinent. Things have indeed gotten worse. But he will be so busy that he will have no time for convivial purposes even if surrounded by an otherwise large enough group.

For the collectivist optimum is synonymous with the maximum. There was a problem with your submission. They grow in complexity, often to correct for the unwieldiness.

Inwe saw a repeat. Americans wore the white hats.

Leopold Kohr – The Right Livelihood Award

Post Optimum Societies This does not mean that societies cannot grow beyond this limit. But America seemed benevolent. At this size, the to persons needed for the tasks of peace, justice, and defence can be liberated without thereby depressing the level of individual living standards obtainable at the less costly smaller economic optimum.

But these are principally size commodities, not happiness commodities, which we need only if our communities have grown so big that we can no longer reach the inn, the theatre, the market, the fields and streams simply by walking around the comer. Thus the balance in that part of Asia.


They will have instituted extensive authority structures which could be mapped on organizational charts. Global corporations now reach around the world courtesy of so-called free trade agreements, the first of which was GATT in the late s.

Leopold Kohr

At the end of his presidency, Dwight D. A Pair of Cranks by Leopold Kohr There are good reasons for federalism.

Beauregard and Joseph E. A structure smaller than a barrel becomes a coffin. For though a community growing larger can no longer add to man’s individual happiness, it does at first not detract from it. Should be in the hands of every State legislator.

Leopold Kohr: Prophet of a Coming Decentralization? | Abbeville Institute

Kohr studied law and economics in Innsbruck, Vienna, and London. The first and, indeed, the founding function of society seems to be strictly convivial.

On his death inone newspaper obituary hailed him as a leading thinker of the 20th century for his critique of the cult of bigness and economic growth. We have gone from a state of affairs in which people fled the Soviet Union to the U. Maria Augusta Kutschera b. In the wake of this conclusion Kohr pledges for disunion of big nations so that no state can at its critically peak of power be stronger than any other state.