View and Download LG-Nortel Aria Soho feature description and operation manual online. Aria Soho Adapter pdf manual download. If the cable wiring is all done, LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO can be installed in under an hour. Here is a simple manual how to do it right. LGN and ARIA SOHO are trademarks of LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective.

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Table Of Contents In your case only can use the outside lines.

If a notrel is placed on I-Hold while dialing on a CO Line exists, the dialing will not be transmitted. Voice Mail Group This feature can be programmed to activate only once, or to repeat daily.

Toll Table pgm – This programming eliminates the necessity for the User to dial the access code of the least expensive carrier. If a destination station aira busy, the incoming call returns a muted ring signal, so the Station user can pick up the incoming CO call as needed. Emergency Call Service Attendant Assignment pgm Users can modify prompts ex.

Absent Text Message This feature is enabled to extend unsupervised conference timer for as long as the caller wants. Icm Box Music Selection Opening And Closing The Universal Night Answer una An extended menu will be shown on the right side. If a call is not answered when the first Announcement timer expires, the second announcement will be provided if the call continues to wait.


Final step would be to setup the Ring Assignment rule for incoming calls. External Control Contact pgm The table entry from to the maximum capacity of Station numbers are saved along with the password of each Station.

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Follow the specific Procedure as listed in the Table below. Page 45 Intercom tenancy Group refer to Ref.

Co Line Queuing System Attributes Ii pgm Class Of Service cos System Timers I pgm System greetings should be recorded before use. Station Message Detail Recording smdr Attributes pgm All Stations, regardless of COS, can dial the emergency codes in this table. In Room Indication Once the update menu appear chose Start: Enter the appropriate Station number or Station Range 4.

LG Nortel Aria Soho Ldpdss Direct Station Select | eBay

LGN reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time without notice. Pick 1 from the drop-down menu and hit Refresh. Station Group pgm – Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. These messages are programmed by the System Attendant refer to Ref. In this program mode, the following items can be customized: If this feature does not operate, verify if the Speakerphone is enabled or disabled. CO Warning Tone 3 Sec. Connected users can speak and hear with each other at the same time.


Chapters Table Of Contents In this program mode the following items can be customized: Pick-up Group Attribute Attendant will receive a recall ring. In your case put all extensions without the the master desk extension which need an access to the lines i.

How To Get Incoming Call Outgoing Call Access Then you will need to isolate this lines for use as in your case you have 6 available ports and if you just plug 2 then some calls originated from your PBX will be looped as the PBX picks the number lines zria.

Ring Assignment To Station Music Assignment pgm Modu modem Function Unit Click on the OK button.

Also See for Aria Soho Quick start manual – 38 pages.