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The reason that systems can not proceed toward some kind of disintegration is that such a pattern has no mechanism of maintaining itself. A system with constant temperature is selected by nature as more stable than a system with different temperatures together. Odum said that “when a group gathers around a table to talk about analyzing the main components of a new system or problem, one person can diagram for the group, enhancing the coherence of the discussion.

For Odum, as a large entity, the world constituted a revolving cycle with high stability. Some of his energy models and simulations contained general systems components. Odum’s last papers was his assessment of ecological engineering that was published in the journal Ecological Engineering ina year after Odum died. When combined to form systems diagrams, these symbols were considered by Odum and others to be the language of the macroscope which could portray generalized patterns of energy flow: Ecological engineering and ecosystem restoration.

For the American sociologist, see Howard W. The energetics laws are as much first principles of political science as they are first principles of any other process on earth. Odum’s career, 23 September This extension relied on the definition of an entity as a combination of properties that have some stability with time.


Voting, public opinion, taxes, even revolution and war could be expressed in the language of energy circuits. Odum [was] a genius and an integrative genius seldom books petty constraints. Wiley-Interscience New York, N. It is thus postulated that natural selection of natural systems results in the formation of entities defined as above.

Howard T. Odum

By dividing this conversion into ecological energy flow he calculated what he termed life support value. Exactly what this is in nature is still uncertain, as it is a new concept.

He claimed that energy was driven through ecological systems by an “ecoforce” analogous to the role of voltage in ce circuits.

The second law of thermodynamics appears to be another special case. Electron flow in the electrical network represented the flow of material e.

Odum in [46] well before he worked at the University of Florida. Ecoloyia one is building a model of energy flow then certainly the Odum system should be given serious consideration Jackson Alexander Christakis Kenneth D.

In observing the way ecologis order trophic levels have a control function in ecosystems, H. After the war, he returned to the University of North Carolina and completed his B. Odum was a pioneer in his use of small closed and open ecosystems in classroom teaching. The Ideas and Applications of H. Odum attempted to go beyond the reporting of mere ratios, a move which resulted in the first serious disagreement in systems energetics.

Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia

Had they started studying the reef from the bottom up, they might never have gotten around to studying its overall metabolism. Kangas and his student, David Blersch, made significant contributions to the design of the waste water recycling system on the station. He said that the “human is the biosphere’s programmatic and pragmatic information processor for maximum performance”. Re Introduction to Ecotechnology, J.


historia de la ecologia

That year he moved to the University of Florida, where he taught at the Environmental Engineering Sciences Department, founded and directed the Center for Environmental Policy, and founded the University’s Center for Wetlands in Odum gave a novel definition of ecology as the study of large entities ecosystems at the “natural level of integration”.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apparently the atoll was sufficiently radioactive that upon their arrival the Odums were able to produce an autoradiographic image of a coral head by placing it on photographic paper.

It is now proposed to extend natural selection to the natural level of integration and to the large ecological entities which include both biological and inorganic components. Odum was also honored by the journal Ecological Engineering [54] for his contributions to the field of ecological engineering and ecology in general in recognition llibro his 70th birthday.

Ecología | David Estrada Santana –

In this simulation, Odum attempted to derive an ecological analog for electrical voltage. He therefore funded the research into the use of conventional economic approaches to quantify dollar values of ecological resources for recreational, treatment and other uses. An Introduction to Systems Ecology