The Lifegear inversion table is a piece of fitness equipment that enables users to safely position their bodies to go upside down, thereby reversing the effects of. Read and understand all the instructions, review all other accompanying Use the inversion table only for its intended use as described in this manual. DO NOT . INVERSION TABLE. OWNER’S MANUAL. The specifications of this product may vary from this photo, subject to change without notice.

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Top 10 Rated Inversion Tables.

Enter text from picture: Exercise of a strenuous nature, as is customarily done on this equipment, should not be undertaken. Attach the padded platform to the A-frame by holding the padded side forward i. The height bar is designed to rest against the crossbar to prevent over-rotation when facing forward.

Walkease officer programmable motorized treadmill 26 pages. Lift your arms and your body manuzl completely invert on the table.

The table bed consists of a padded rectangular platform. The pivot pins appear as protruding bolts connected to a metal bar with holes. It controls the degree of inversion. The side handles can be attached at the apex of each side and bolted into place. Retain this owner’s manual for future reference. I was recently given an inversion table.

She has also ghostwritten diabetes journals. Reach your right arm as far toward manaul ceiling as you can for one count. Make sure the adjustable boom is positioned properly. Properly align the connections to the holes and firmly push until it clicks to lock.


Lifegear Inversion Table Instructions | SportsRec

She has penned video scripts, instructional manuals, white papers and abstracts. References Lifegear Inversion Table Parts: Reach as far as you can and hold for 15 counts. Adjust the height bar so that the foot bars lie comfortably on top of your feet and the ankle rests are in front of your ankles to prevent slipping when inverted.

For each side, attach the locking mechanism to the last hole and push the side lever to lock. This strap can be adjusted to different lengths to allow for a greater or lesser degree of inversion.

Lifegear inversion table model no. The boom lists heights in inches and centimeters. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Make sure that the horizontal crossbar is facing forward, indicating the front of the frame. Assembly Instructions for a Pool Table. Page 15 STEP Choose from a category below.

Read all instructions carefully before using this product. Connect the nylon strap located at the base of the table. Height Bar The height bar contains the ankle rests and foot bar, which can be adjusted tabld to the user’s height. When you’re ready, lift both arms to increase the inversion degree even further. Where can we order parts? Shape Created with Sketch.

To lengthen the Nylon Strap 32 feed the top end of Nylon Strap 32 into the strap lock, and pull on the lower end of the strap. Shape Created with Sketch. Pivot arm lifebear aligned correctly way tabld the curved slot. Two center bolts can be tightened using an Allen wrench. Frame The design of the frame is a simple A-frame which can be opened and locked into place with the horizontal inveersion arms.


Stand on the instep frame with your back toward the table. Use a spotter if it is your first time using the Lifegear inversion table. STORAGE For your storage convenience, the inversion table can be folded down to place against a wall, under a bed, or in a storage area.

How do I adjust for weight?

Download Lifegear Inversion Table Model # 75118 Manual in pdf format

Insert the pivot pin on one side of the platform into the corresponding center hole and repeat on the lifegexr side. Be sure to read the entire manual before assembling and operating this equipment.

Choose from a category below. Stop using the inversion table and consult your physician if you begin to feel dizzy or disoriented. Exercise of a strenuous nature, as is customarily done on this equipment, should not be undertaken without first consulting a physician.

Rest the sole of your left foot against your right inner thigh. Exercise Manuall Created with Sketch. Tip Use a spotter if it is your first time using the Lifegear inversion table.

Lifegear Inversion table Manuals

I can get back easily but cannot get back up by myself. Marcy Weight Bench Assembly Instructions. She earned her Master of Science in nutrition from the University of Chicago and has contributed to health and wellness magazines, including Prevention, Self, Shape and Cooking Light. Regina Edwards has been a freelance writer since