Intermediate 64 Counts, partnerdance. Music: “Amame” by Belle Perez ( bpm ). Adapted from linedance: “Amame” – choreographed by. Robbie McGowan. EZ Amame. Count: Wall: 2. Level: Ultra Beginner. Choreographer: Debbie Small (July ). Music: Amame by Belle Perez (CD: Gipsy) bpm. Intro: Description: 64 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance. Music: Amame by Belle Perez [CD: Gipsy / Available on iTunes]. Travelin’ Man by John Dean.

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I Couldn’t Care Less. Islands In The Stream. Would You Go With Me. Born To Love You. Lipstick, Powder And Paint. Get Your Feet Down. Step forward on Left. Cross Left behind Right. That’s How Rhythm Was Born. Step Left to Left side. Step back on Left.

Boom Boom Goes My Heart. Step back on Right.


Roll Back The Rug. Dance Above The Rainbow.


Heart Of An Angel. Never Gonna Fall In Love.

Man In The Moon. Is It Friday Yet. Forever and for always.

The Honky Tonk Playboys. Close Left beside Right. Unsere Trainingszeiten montags I Need A Breather. Fire And Snow Waltz. Swing City Radio Edit. Live To Love Another Day. Sweep Right out and around from front to back. Too Lindance To Break. Something In The Water. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Unwind Full turn Left. Never Stop The Alpen Pop. Push hips Forward and Back on Counts 5 — 8 above.

Weight on Right 3 — 4 Rock Left out to Left side. Walk forward on Left. I Love A Rainy Ljnedance. Rock back on Right. Rock back on Left. See You Later Alligator. If Jesus Loves Me ft. That’ll Be The Day. The Way She’s Looking. Home On The Range. Marie Sorensen, Adrian Helliker.


Beer For My Horses. Cha Cha Con Tejas. Counts 3 — 4 above … Walk forward on Right. Love 2 Cha Cha.

Shamrock Linedance – Tänze

What’s Not To Love. Honk if you Honkytonk. Counts 5 — 7 above … Rock forward on Left. Left Lock Step Forward. Hope the Newcomers will try this.

Pick A Linedancf Of Cotton. Amame by Belle Perez CD: Small Town Southern Man.