Majik features Linn’s 2K driver array – an evolution of the array technology found in Linn’s highest performing loudspeakers – to create a wonderfully clean. Linn Majik Loudspeakers. High quality composite-cone drive units delivery pitch-accurate musical bass; Single port with unique “rifled” design for deep and . Used Linn Majik Floorstanding speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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The 2K Driver Array delivers wide and consistent high frequency dispersion, also guaranteeing that music, voices and movie soundtracks all sound great throughout your room. The Linn’s reproduction of this piano trio grabbed my attention as I studied the interplay of members of the Arden Trio: Higher levels of performance can be easily achieved with a range of upgrade options, from simple bi-wiring through to a fully Aktiv configuration within an Exakt system.

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Linn’s patented Chakra amplifier technology combines the speed and precision of monolithic chip technology with the robustness and smoothness of bi-polar transistors. Dynamik is the latest evolution of this revolutionary power supply, with higher mains noise isolation, more power and faster response than ever before, clearly outperforming bulky and noisy conventional power supplies. The four drive units on each speaker supply power and precision in the bass and midrange, together with incredible clarity and smooth, even dispersion at high frequencies.

Linn Majik Speakers Pair. With the power and precision to handle anything you throw at them, our Majik speakers offer a choice of sizes and performance levels to match all your needs; build your perfect stereo system or create a full surround sound set-up. Majik System Read more. Speaker Stands Speaker Brackets. Recording of December Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. The Majik ‘s midrange reproduction was beyond reproach: The two high frequency drive units are housed in a single rigid chassis.


What’s more, it optimises performance by taking account lihn where you position your speakers and the impact this has on the sound. Yes — with a Network Music Player. Aubergine, Black, Blueberry, Butterscotch, Paprika. By removing the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment, it reveals the true sound of the music. Don Fiorino’s guitar Submitted by jporter on June 22, – 6: Chakra uses a unique approach to transition between these technologies, guaranteeing precisely-controlled clean, silent power at all listening levels.


If your purchase is urgent for an occasion, use this form for a priority price and stock availability check. Klimax System Read more. Use this calculator to see which finance option suits your purchase.

majjk I used a single amplifier and a triwire set of Acarian Systems Black Orpheus speaker cables. A bass reflex port is hidden behind the 2K driver array, providing a deep and musical bass without the need for a large cabinet.

Whatever you’re listening to, Majik DSM gives you access to it all in one place, and all in stunning sound quality.

Linn Majik 140 System

Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit loudspeaker. Create new account Request new password. Akubarik Speakers Width mm Height mm Depth mm. Deposit offollowed by monthly repayments of. System finished in Black, White, Silver or Champagne. Where the River Goes. Compact bookshelf speaker system with Kiko electronics.

High frequency precision and wide dispersion are provided by the 2K Driver Array featured across the Majik range, while separate bass and mid drivers ensure musical accuracy at lower frequencies.

The two high frequency drive units are housed in a single rigid chassis. The foundation of any good speaker design is an enclosure that lets the drive units work with maximum efficiency, without colouring the sound. Choose from our range of Majik speakers and take your first step into serious hifi.


Majik Speakers Majik Speakers. Bonus Recording of December Check our holiday delivery schedules here to avoid disappointment.

Used Linn Majik Floorstanding speakers for Sale |

Klimax Speakers Width mm Height mm Depth mm. Product Description The Linn Majik Speakers are 4-way floor-standing loudspeakers which deliver exceptional musical performances with deep, controlled bass. Customisable compact floorstanding speaker system with Exakt technology and Akurate electronics. Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. Terms and conditions apply. Majik perfectly complements other components in the Linn Majik range, combining premium audio performance with unbeatable value.

Recording of June Higher levels of performance can be easily achieved linb a range of upgrade options, from simple bi-wiring through to a fully Aktiv configuration using eight channels of amplification. It adapts to the constantly varying demands of the music by using a monolithic at low currents and bi-polar transistors as ‘boosters’ at higher levels. This model is available on finance – click to show payment options.

Solid aluminium upgrade stands are also available, providing greater stability and less vibration so you can enjoy better performance across the entire frequency range. Compare all Music Systems. First step into serious hi-fi. Majik features a highly innovative single bass driver design that ensures all listeners in the room get the same exceptional performance, wherever they’re sitting.