The Pencast file format .pencast) lets you and others exchange and send your smartpen content, including audio, pages, or both. Introducing the. aegir smartpen. Powerful. Learn more ยท Buy. Light. Slim. Available now | Starts at $ | Two Designs | Two Colors Livescribe Smartpens. When we launched the Livescribe 3 and the Livescribe+ app, we started using our new pencast format โ€“ Livescribe PDF. These files still open.

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Thanks for the feedback. So we want to make it easy for your students to follow along with your lectures. Is something like that in the works? Active Ink View Button There is also an active ink view button.

In the default gray setting, pencasy gray words turn green as the audio plays. Anyone with Adobe Reader X or higher can view and play the audio with the audio control bar. In case you do not have backups of your pencasts stored, you can start using our Converter tool to save all your work to your desktop or laptop.

It is important to me to be able to provide only the audio portion of a pencast. Our expectation is that teachers could distribute the Livescribe PDF files the same way they distribute other PDF files or Office documents to their students, using the standard LMS, and these files would be easy to open and access on a wider range of devices.

Hi CP, sorry for your experience there. Would love a feature, that would allow the pencasts to be just as easily viewable by anyone I send it to. The microdots work with the camera in each smartpen to let the smartpen track exactly where it is writing – giving the exact location on the correct page in the specific notebook that is being used.


Exporting and Importing Pencast Files With Livescribe Desktop

I have not uploaded any of the recordings to the cloud or to livescribe online but have kept them available on my desktop. There has been trouble recently in uploading. Is Livescribe software upgraded to work with Maverick Hi, I would like to be able to export the timestamped coordinates of writing from Livescribe 3 for my research project.

When luvescribe click active ink, it turns gray and the audio starts playing. M4A audio format combined with a standard PDF file. Once you send the Pencast PDF to your computer, you can share the entire penast page and audio without using Connectors. Subscribe to blog updates or our newsletter to stay informed. This allows your notes to be organized in the relevant software or service that is used. The Echo Community was a unique resource pencqst Adobe Flash was a leading web technology and file sharing options were limited.

Then send the file to your device via email or cloud service.

Glad to know that the Web Player is not going away. Additionally, the program is not entirely stable. Could you please direct me to a Customer Service lead as well who might help me out with this? What replacement ink cartridges can I use with Livescribe smartpens?

That said, part of the effort pencaat the new Echo Desktop is to make the program work even better on Mavericks and Yosemite. I like the pen but I hate it that after I bought so many of them nobody could help me fix them or exchange them for a new one.

When are you going to release an Android app that supports the LiveScribe 3? I will never buy one again. Is there a way to let the students see the pencast quickly in one click? Ok, just to clarify. Until that time, the website will continue to operate as usual โ€” accepting new pencasts and playing back existing pencasts.


Livescribe PDF: Share your Livescribe 3 and Echo Desktop Pencasts – Livescribe

Or you want to listen back to a meeting and make livescrkbe you have all your action items noted. Livescribe PDFs are standard PDF documents that include images of each page of notes, the recorded audio from pencasts, and handwriting recognition using the InkML open standard that helps recognize pen strokes and convert them to digital text.

Hi Mia โ€” you can export the audio as a. Echo and Pulse smartpens use Echo Desktop to store and organize your notes; it also has built-in handwriting search. It very often crashes when syncing my lvescribe, sometimes crashes on startup, and sometimes freezes up just because. I talked with someone there back in August, and at that time, I really think I knew more about it than she did.

This is one more step than opening a Word doc, but livescrkbe easier than trying to make a standalone video.

Click active ink to play its audio. Sharing Audio Only Parent topic: The challenge has always been how to share these amazing recordings with others. Yes, livescrobe current version of Livescribe Desktop will still be able to transfer over notes and pencasts from your smartpen for local storage on your computer.