LOCTITE® ™ Thread Sealant is designed to seal threaded pipe fittings in applications requiring continuous heat resistance up to ° F (° C). Ideal for . Loctite white thread sealant is compatible with metal materials with a 72 hr cure time. Delivers great performance with tensile strength of to psi. Color, Off-White. Container Size, 50 mL. Container Type, Tube. Physical Form, Paste. Style, High Temperature. Temperature, °F. Type, Thread Sealant.

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Thread Sealant for metal w/ heat resistance up to 530°F LOCTITE 5770 @09356553306 Caloocan

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Braided Metal Hose – Welded.

Loctite HiTemp Thread Sealant

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If the material is an inactive metal or a rapid cure time is required, spray with Activator N or T and allow to dry. Blow Guns, Inflators, and Greas MSDS sheets are available at new-line. Pressure Washer and Waterblast Aeroquip Spiral Hydraulic Hose.

N170-XXX – Loctite 5770 Hi-Temp Thread Sealant

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